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Painting, singing,horse riding,Archery,sewing,music,bowls,reading, and hunting are the ones i remember !

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Q: What were the hobbies of the English citizens in the 1500's?
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Who was the dominant power in the 1500s?

The Spanish and The English.

What religion where the English landowners in Ireland in the 1500s?

catholic or protestant. or hindu

What does pasatiempos mean in English?


Who proposed the term stuttering?

The word originated in the 1500s from the Middle English "stutten"

How would a 1500s English accent sound?

The 1500s English accent likely sounded quite different from modern English accents, with variations in pronunciation, intonation, and vocabulary. It may have featured more rolled 'r's, a more pronounced emphasis on certain syllables, and different vowel sounds compared to contemporary English accents.

Can you tell me about your hobbies?

my hobbie is to listen English music

What does Ni you shenme aihao mean in English?

What are your hobbies

The Dutch English and French explorers of the 1500s and 1600s were seeking?

The Dutch, English, and French explorers of the 1500s and 1600s were seeking new trade routes to Asia, valuable resources such as spices and gold, and opportunities for colonization to expand their empires. They were motivated by a desire to increase wealth, power, and influence in the growing global economy.

Did Marcus antonius have hobbies?

Marcus Antonius, or Marc Antony in English, seemed to have partying, drinking and womanizing as his hobbies.

How did the english attempt to strengthen there claim in north america in the late 1500s?

the french and Indian war

Why was English protestantism able to spread so successfully in the 1500s?

English Protestantism was able to successfully spread in the 1500s as a result of politics. Henry VIII, who became disillusioned with the Roman Catholic Church, embraced the idea of Protestantism and pressured his subjects to do likewise. Leaders in other countries did the same thing.

How did the establishment of parliament strengthen the rights of the English citizens?

citizens were able to choose the monarch