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No, just kidding it was July 1, 1867.

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Q: When was Canada established as fully Independent?
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What was one of the political result of the Canadian Constitution of 1982?

Canada ceased relying on the United Kingdom and became fully independent, while remaining a loyal member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Is Hungary an independent country?

Yes, it is fully independent.

How long has Canada been around?

Canada was officially established as a country on July 1, 1867. However, Indigenous peoples have lived in the region now known as Canada for thousands of years before European colonization.

What established Canada as a country?

Canada was established by the British North America Actin 1867.

When did Canada become established?

Canada became established on July 1 st 1867.

When did canada become a independent country?

Are they? In many ways Canada is far from independent. Defense is one.

What was the 1931 law that made Canada a fully independent nation with the right of discretion in matters of War and Peace?

That would be the Statute of Westminster, a result of the Balfour Declaration of 1926.

What year was the first independent detective bureau established?

The first independent detective bureau established by London Metropolitan Police in 1841.

What was one important political result of the British North America Act of 1867?

A. Quebec became an independent nation. B. English became the official language of Canada. C. Canada became a dominion of Great Britain. D. A monarchy was established in Canada.

What did Canada have against England before they took control of Canada?

Canada never had anything against Britain neither during nor after colonialism. Becoming independent is largely because Canadians have proven themselves worthy and able to be independent as its own country in the World Wars. Britain also had little economic and military means to fight with Canada over their independence at the end of the World Wars, thus independence was established peacefully. Canada is one of the countries of the world who established national independence and freedom without having to go through a military revolution with its imperial conqueror (Britain).

What year did France become independent?

In what year did Madagascar become fully independent from France?

When were the First Nations of Canada established?

it was established by the french and the british.