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Russia , -or Canada.

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Q: Which country did not established a colony in Africa?
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The first colony of Africa was established by what country?

Portugal (1474).

What European country had the first colony in Africa long before any other nation?

Portugal established the first African colony inMozambique in 1500.

African Americans relocated to Africa by the American colonization society in 1822 established a colony that eventually became the country of?


Who established colonies in Spain and Africa?

The United Kingdom. They established the Gibraltar Colony in what was then Spanish territory, as well as much of Africa.

What is the home country of a colony?

The home country of a colony is the country that founded it. After a country founds a colony, it is settled and a form of government is established. The government can be either direct or indirect.

What colony was established in Africa for freed African Americans?

Granville Town

Which countries established a colony in Africa?

BelgiumUnited KingdomFranceGermanyItalyPortugalSpainNetherlands (1700's)

What is a settlement established by a country in a foreign land?

a colony

What happened in 1890?

In 1890 Italy established Eritrea as its colony in the Horn of Africa.

Was Liberia ever colonized?

Liberia is an African country that people usually claim is not colonized, but since it was founded by American Blacks who established a very European-style country, it is hard to make the claim that it was not a colonial project.However, it was never part of a proper colony.

Which country established a colony in Spanish California in 1812?

It was Russia.

What country was responsible for this Colony established on the James River in 1607?