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North America The British Empire controlled an entire continent in Australia. The British Empire was the largest empire in history.

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Q: Where did the british empire control an entire continent?
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What was the entire continent the USSR controlled during World War 2?

There was never an entire continent under the control of the USSR at any time

What countries did Germany own after the Battle of Britain?

The British empire remained intact after the Battle of Britain but only because Germany changed their tactics and attacked Russia instead. If Britain had lost the entire British empire would have fallen under German control.

In what year did Parliament abolish slavery in the entire British Empire?

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Who in England was supposed to make the laws to govern the entire empire?

The Parliament of England at Westminster made the laws governing the British Empire.

How did napoleon Bonaparte's try to use economic warfare to control the British?

Napoleon set up the CONTINENTAL SYSTEM which was an economic embargo from the entire continent of Europe against Britain. This kind of deprivation from goods would force British businesses to struggle both because of needed imported materials and the lack of a large external market to sell its goods. (While the United States and the British colonial empire still consumed British goods, there was much more volume to Britain-Europe trade than British-Americas trade.)

How big is the British Empire now?

At the height of its power, the British Empire encompassed over 33 million km2 of land, the largest empire in history. The empire had territorial possessions in every continent, which led to the phrase "the sun never sets on the British Empire." By 1922 the British Empire held sway over about 458 million people, one-fifth of the world's population at the time.

What was India's reaction to the treaty of Versailles?

Britain represented the entire British Empire at Versailles.

What region that is also an entire continent?

Australia is a region that is also an entire continent.

Why did the british empire take over australisia?

Australia had only indigenous tribes, some 300 different ones in total. So Great Britain decided to use it as a penal colony, which is basically an open prison. The population grew and they became a self governing part of the British empire. So we didn't do much take over it as start the colonization process that eventually took over the entire continent.

What country is also an entire Continent?

Australia is a country and a continent in itself. It is the only country that occupies an entire continent.

Name the only country to occupy an entire continent?

Australia is the only country to occupy an entire continent, known as the Australian continent.

Why is this language from a European island so popular around the world?

The British Empire covered the biggest land mass of any empire in world history with colonies in every continent including Antarctica which in some places almost included whole continents as with North America and Australia. The official language of the British Empire was English and although the empire broke up in the 20th centaury the language has continued to be spoken. In some former colonies the entire legal and administrative systems have never been written in any other language.