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Q: Where was the first post-it note invented?
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Where in your office might you stick a PostIt note to remind you to do something?

In your office, you might place a PostIt note to remind you to do something on these places:deskcomputertelephonedoormirrorchaircloset doorstack of file foldersstack of bookspursebriefcaseanywhere visable

What country is the largest producer of the Post-it note?

Postit notes are made by 3M, a Minnesota, USA company.

Who invented the first type of note?

i did

Who invented the note pad?

J.A Birchall invented the first notepad

Who invented the first type of bank note?

i did

What objects are shaped like a square?

a cube, postit notes

Who invented war submarines?

David Bushnell invented the first war submarine

When was the post it note invented?

It was invented in 1980.

What force act on a postit note?

All four of the primary forces can be said to act upon a Post-It Note. Gravity pulling it down, Electromagnetism absorbing light and reflecting the yellow specrum that we see, Weak holding the molecules together, and Strong holding the nucleii together.However, the sticky part of a Post-It Note is an adhesive, which is a chemical bond, the process of which is dominiated by the Weak Force.

What year was the post it note invented?

it was invented in 1974 by art fry.

Who invented white note cards?


How do you post a comment on a discussion in moshi monsters?

you will soon find a postit that lets you type in something. its on the left top of their pinboard.