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there were alot but South Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia and india there are more but those are the big ones

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The richest English colonies were those located in

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Q: Where were English colonies located?
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Near which body of water were most of the first cities in English colonies located?

The answer to this question is Mississippi river and the English colonies located was in the island in Hawaii

What empire was located in the midst of the English colonies?

The British Empire was made up of all the British Colonies.

The English colonies were located in which continents?

The British Empire encompassed every continent.

What language was spoke in 13 colonies?

The thirteen colonies were English colonies and, thus, spoke English.

What the English colonies?

Jamestown, Roanoke, and Plymouth were some of the first English colonies.

How did the English colonies work?

how did the colonies work

What slogan was created by the colonies when the English parliament started?

There were no colonies when the English parliament started.

Where are the 8 colonies located?

in the southern colonies

What was adopted in the English in the 13 colonies?

The legal system, government structure, and English language were adopted in the English colonies in the 13 colonies. Additionally, religious practices carried over from England and influenced the culture in the colonies.

What colonies were affected by the glorious revolution?

English colonies

Where the English settlers in the middle colonies?

Yes, English settlers lived all throughout the colonies.

What is the sane of the English and Spanish colonies?

The English and Spanish colonies were established for complete different reasons