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Q: Which event most likely caused the German expansion during the 1930s?
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What German princess married into the Russian royal family?

Catherine II (The Great), born Sophia Augusta Frederica of Anhalt-Zerbst, Germany, married Peter III, foppish and doltish grandson of Peter I (The Great). Peter III also had German blood on his fathers side, and was deposed by Catherine and assassinated, most likely by Catherine's supporters.

According to the excerpt from Monstrous Peoples at the Ends of the Earth what most likely caused people's concept of the monstrous to change from ancient times to the Renaissance?

The rise in ocean travel allowed explorers to come into contact with peoples who were very different from known societies.

Did 15th and 16th century explorers have a positive or negative effect on world history?

Most likely negative, because during this time was the European exploration of the Americas, and as you can tell many Native Americans perished from the Europeans.

What does global warming have to do with history?

During the total history of the earth (over billions of years) there have been many changes to the climate. Most of these are reasonably well understood. For instance the sun becomes 10% brighter every million years. The atmosphere originally had a much higher concentration of CO2 than today which was fortunate because with a dimmer sun there would have been no liquid water without a major greenhouse effect. The development of plant life resulted in a reduction of CO2 and a build up of fossil fuels. We are now burning those fossil fuels which is increasing the greenhouse effect but we now have a much hotter sun, More recently there have been variations to the earths orbit and its orientation caused in part by the gravitational effects of Jupiter and Saturn. These minor variations caused major variations in earth's climate including the Ice Ages. This indicates that climate sensitivity is quite high, so that changes caused by increasing CO2 in the atmosphere are likely to be amplified rather than reduced as a result of feedback.

Why did Otto Von Bismarck also known as the architect of German unification seek to preserve peace in Europe after 1871?

Bismarck was a dipolmat. It was his job to talk and not fight. Not to mention that war is never a good thing for a new nation and if there was a war in Europe, there would most likely be fighting on two of Germany's border, maybe three, which is not a good situation to be in.

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Problems caused by the Great Depression made German people more likely to believe promises made by who?

The problems caused by the Great Depression made German people more likely to believe promises made by Adolf Hitler. He took advantage and promised everyone employment .

What business cycle will the economy most likely experience during rising real output and falling unemployment rates?


Which policy would be most likely be supported by the Democrats?

Westward expansion

What policy would most likely be suppurated by the democrats?

Westward expansion (APEX)

What aspect of life during the 1920s most likely caused the decade to be labeled the Roaring Twenties?

social change Consider broadcast radio.

Who did over 250000 troops die during the Battle of Stalingrad?

The 250,000 troops died during the battle of Stalingrad were most likely to be referred to the German Sixth Army. During the battle of stalingrad, the German Sixth army went into the city of stalingrad but they were encircled by the Soviet army and trapped. Due to limiations of logistical support and rations, most of the german sixth army died to from starvation or from frost bite.

Which of the following words most likely has origins in German?

The word "wanderlust" most likely has origins in German, as it comes from the German words "wandern" (to hike) and "Lust" (desire).

Do you Think Black holes contribute to the expansion of the universe?

No, that doesn't seem likely.

What event most likely had the biggest impact on German citizens on the home front?

The bombing of German cities during World War II likely had the biggest impact on German citizens on the home front, causing widespread destruction, loss of life, and displacement of families. The devastation of cities like Hamburg, Dresden, and Berlin left a lasting impact on the civilian population.

Is Kellan Lutz German decendant?

Most likely. His name (Lutz) ist German for sure.

I have a german mom and a mexican dad so will people call me a mexican or german?

Most likely people will call you a German Mexican.

German immigrants were most likely to immigrate to where?