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Q: Which of the individuals who would most likely support the central powers?
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Compare the Allied Powers and the Central Powers Which spent more money?

Most likely the allied powers did. Since they were gaining more and more countries. The Central Powers were a losing countries and men, so I guess that the Allies spent more than the Central Powers.

What group of people apossed keeping the Philippines in America?

What factors reduced support for the Central Powers and increased support for the allies in the U.S.?

How did both allies and central powers try to gain support of the Americans?

Both the allies and central powers tried to gain support of the Americans by using campaigns and propagandas. I know you use this because it's an easier way to get answers, but be careful. There are people out there that just want to mess around. And, anybody can edit the truth.

Who left the central powers?

Italy left the Central powers before they were known as the central powers.

Did Italy switch to central powers?

No, Italy did not switch to the Central Powers. Italy switched from the Central Powers to the Allied Powers.

Which of these individuals would be most likely to support the central powers?

People with far reaching business interests that would benefit from uniform and consistent rules and regulations. People that would supply goods to a strong central form of government would also benefit. This is a great example of 'one hand washing the other' in terms of the individuals helping the government and the government would help these individuals in return. A slow and gradual process that would evolve, grow and become more entrenched as time passed

What were Austria Hungary Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria Germany called?

the central powers

What rhymes with central powers?

central powers stinky flowers

What year did the Allied powers push the central powers out of France in World War 1?

The allied powers did not push the Central powers out of France. The Central powers only left after the armistice.

Did Japan join central powers?

Japan did not join the Central powers, it joined the allied powers.

Did the axis powers or the central Powers lost World War 1?

Central Powers. Axis was WW2.

Why was Greece part of the Central Powers in World War 1?

It was not in the central powers