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Q: Who was called 'the hated Austrian' by the French people?
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Did French people like Louis XVI?

No. They hated him and his wife.

What are the people called who hated black people?


Why the people hated the Bastille?

The Bastille was a prison used by the French monarchy, where people could be imprisoned at the whim of the monarch. It therefore symbolized the abuse of power by the monarchy.

Why did the french hate Germany?

The French hated Germany because Germany invaded France.

Who hated Benjamin Franklin?

Nobody really hated him, but there were many people who hated his views.

What is the duration of The Cat That Hated People?

The duration of The Cat That Hated People is 420.0 seconds.

Why was the Bastille hated by all?

not all people hated Bastille. it was very useful for the 2nd estate, because they had the power to put anyone behind bars if they flt like it. but they consisted of only 2% of France's population. the third estate, which comprised of most french people, hated the Bastille because it stood as a symbol of supreme power of the monarch.

When was The Cat That Hated People created?

The Cat That Hated People was created on 1948-11-20.

What was Marie Antoinette like as a queen?

She was Austrian, a country that France had been in war with for years. The French did not want a foreigner on the throne, especially not an Austrian. Also, even before she came to France, the revolution was already smouldering because of the financial disasters of Louis XIV and Louis XV which they did to the national treasury. France was already almost bankrupt when Marie Antoinette stepped in the picture, and because the French needed someone to blame it all on, and she was Austrian, she was the perfect victim. The people tried to make all of France believe that she had no concern for her people, spending money on wigs and dresses and throwing wild parties while the population was starving and desperate. The people did believe it, although she was completely innocent and killed her and her husband, destroying the whole French monarchy and the French credibility all around the world for as far as the French had that anyway.

How did the French feel about fighting the Germans Italians and the Austrian-Hungarians in World War 1?

1they didn't like them at all...........they hated the war and everything it stood for.... they were just the middle man, never take thins out on the middle man....

What does the French word pleymo mean?

Its a haircut that the band "Pleymo" hated

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An individual who is hated by society is often called an "outcast".