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Q: Who was responsible for collectivization in World War 2?
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Was Romania responsible for World War 2?

No it was not.

What country is considered responsible for World War 2?

The Second World War begun when Germany invaded Poland. So Germany is responsible for starting the war.

Was chamberlain responsible for starting World War 2?

No - Hitler was blamed for starting the war.

Who was the German leader responsible for World War 2?

Adolf Hitler

What country was held responsible for ww1 and World War 2?


Were Muslims responsible of the victims of World War 2?

=O No. Hitler was.

Who do you think was responsible for world war 2?

That's a two sided question. Do you mean who was responsible for WW2 for America? or for the whole world?

What country was primarily responsible for causing the US to enter the war?

World War 2 : Japan.

Where did billy bishop fight in world war 2?

He Did not fight in world war II, he only was responsible of the Canadian recruitment.

Which dictator is not responsible for world war 2?

Franco. Spain remained neutral.

Was Hitler responsible for World War I?

No, Hitler didn't have much to do with starting World War 1, Word War 2 is another matter though.

What part did Adolf Hitler play in the outbreak of World War 2?

Hitler is responsible for starting World War 2 by invading Poland and violating the Versaiiles Treaty.