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Allies won the war.

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Q: Who was the winner axis or allies in ww1?
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What side was japan on in ww1?

1. WW1-Allies 2. WWII-Axis

Did the axis or allies have better tanks during ww1?

allis did

Is Italy allies or axis?

well in ww1 it was in the allies. but in ww2 it was a axis. so i dont know if it will be allied or axis.

Was Woodrow Wilson part of the allies or axis in world war 1?

Woodrow Wilson was part of the allies during ww1 he was the president of the united states and the united states were on the allies side

What were the 3 main reasons ww1 ended?

It ended when the allies defeated the axis powers, the dreaded treaty of Versailles was signed, and Germany and it's allies were defeated.

Who was the winner of first world war?

Great Britain, France, the USA and their allies won WW1 because Germany surrendered

Who were Japan allied to?

I beleive that Japan was on Germany's side. __ They were part of the Allies, so they fougt against Germany in WW1. During WW2 they were part of the Axis and allies with Germany.

What were the 2 sides in world war 1?

The 2 sides of WW1 was the same as the ones of WW2 : Allies v.s Axis powers

What was the nickname for allied forces after WW1?

This question actually contains the answer. For both the First and Second World Wars the victors over the Axis were the Allies.

Who were the winners and losers of World War 2?

The winners were the Allies, consisting mainly of England, America and Russia, along with France, Canada, and some others. The losers were the Axis, consisting mainly of Germany and Japan, as well as Italy and some others.

Was hitler allies or axis?


How many people did Germany kill in ww1?

Germany actually had 5m soldiers according to the 1995 Guinness encyclopedia. :)