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It was called the Cold War because there wasn't any actual fighting, but the US and Siberia/Russia were keeping an eye on each other in case one decided to start fighting.

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Q: Why did a cold war develop at the end of world War 2 and why was it called the cold War?
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What was the War of Words after World War 2?

It was called The Cold War.

Why do you call the era World War 2 the Cold war?

Do you mean, "Why was the era AFTER world war 2 called the cold war?" Because no one calls the era of WW2 the cold war.

Why did the Cold War start and how did it develop over its first three decades?

The cold war started in 1945 after the World War II. The cold war was between Russia and some of the western countries. The existence of the nuclear weapons is what led to the development of the Cold war.

What was the era after World War 2 called?

the cold war but just after ww2 it was resconstruction

What was the period of political tension following World War I called?

the cold war

What was the period called of political tension following World War 2.?

The political tension was known as the Cold War.

What was the conflict that existed between the us and the USSR after World War 2 called?

The "Cold War" .

What was the tension between communist and democratic nations after World War 2 called?

The cold war.

What incidents caused the formation of intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations?

World War I, World War II, and the Cold War

Could the Cold War be called the Third World War and why or why not?

The cold war from the point of view of the people and country's that were being literally destroyed was certainly not the Third world war. However from the point of view of those that make cold hard cash and gain power it was actually better then the second world war.

What was the intense rivalry between Russia and the US in the years after World War 2 called?

The cold war

What was the name of the tension between the US and Western Europe vs the Communist world after World War 2 called?

Cold War.