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Q: Why did Otto van Bismarck want to unify Germany?
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Why did Otto von Bismarck want to unify Germany?

To get to the other side....the dark side >;]

What did Otto Von Bismarck want to do?

Otto von Bismarck wanted to unify German states. He was born when the German confederation was just created. His main priority was to help Prussia have the most powerful army in all of Europe which it eventually did. Bismarck was clever and would manipulate his ways into getting more territory. SO basically he wanted to unite all German states making the German Empire with Prussia as the core

What strategy did otto won Bismarck use to make prussia the leader of a united Germany?

Otto von Bismarck relied heavily on his military prowess to bring about a unified Germany as minister of Prussia. He was skilled at strategy and knowing what would encourage his people, and used those skills to push the citizens of Prussia and the other German nation states to want unification.

What role did prussia play in German unification?

Prussia was crucial to the unification of Germany. Under the rule of Otto von Bismarck, Prussia engaged in and won the wars that brought together the nation states that make up Germany.

Why did Bismarck want to prevent France from gaining allies?

Bismarck realized that in order to unify North Germany with the South German Kingdoms of Baden, Wurttemburg, and Bavaria, Bismarck needed to be able to defeat France in a decisive fashion. Only such a defeat would fracture the historic Catholic-Alliance between France and the South German Kingdoms. As a result, Bismarck wanted to keep France isolated for two reasons, first to make defeating France easier and second to prevent the south German Kingdoms from coming to France's aid and then causing increased enmity between North Germany and the South German Kingdoms rather than promoting German unification.

Why does Hitler want the Suddenland?

Suddenland used to be part of the former German Empire and Hitler wanted to unify Germany and all German speakers.

Why did Bismarck want the territories?

Otto von Bismarck wanted to unite the German states under Prussian leadership to create a strong and unified German Empire. By annexing territories, he aimed to strengthen Prussia's position in Europe and solidify German national identity. Bismarck believed that territorial expansion was necessary to enhance Prussian power and ensure stability in the region.

What did Italian nationalists want in the 1800?

To unify the regions in Italy

How did the Franco-Prussian war unify Germany?

The Austro-Prussian War joined together the north German states. After Prussia won the Franco-Prussian War, the peace treaty declared the unification of Germany.

Did south Korea want to unify the nation?


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