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Q: Why did the is effect the entry into world war 1?
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What was the most important effect of the U'S entry into world war 1?

The treaty also set up the League of Nations.

Which of these was not directly related to the entry of the US into world was 1?

The Franco-Prussian War was not directly related to the entry of the US into World War I.

What were effect of World War 1?

I am not being facetious: The biggest effect of World War I was World War II.

What was the biggest problem America faced after entry into World War 1?

world 2 war

Who announced US entry in World War 1?


What is the effect on the world today due to World War 1?

it has no effect

Was World War 1 containing communism was involved with America entry?

Communism did not go into effect until the last year of WW1. It had nothing to do with any of the fighting.

What was The stalemate during World War 1 was broken in 1917 by?

the entry of the U.S. into the war.

What was America's entry into World War 1 influenced by?

the sinking of a ship

Which of these was a cause of Americas entry into world war 1?

the Zimmermann note

One of the primary causes for US entry into world war 1 was the use of?

do you mean what caused us entry into world war one? if so then the sinking of the USS Lusitania by German u-boats was what caused American entry into the war

What were the causes results of American entry into World War 1?

The immediate cause of American entry into World War 1 was the German submarine warfare that targeted American ships. In addition, the interception and publication of the infamous Zimmermann Telegram, in which Germany proposed a military alliance with Mexico against the United States, further pushed the U.S. to join the war. American entry ultimately tipped the balance in favor of the Allies and led to their victory. Additionally, it accelerated social and political changes in the United States, as well as increased American influence on the world stage.