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They loyalists were largely persecuted by the "Sons of Liberty" during the beginnings and during the Revolutionary War. Their allegiance to the Crown and British Government was targeted by rioters and assemblies of citizens protesting the Kings policies towards the colonies.

After the war ended, the British Soldiers took as many loyalists as they could with them to Canada. If they would have stayed, some might have been executed for treason by the unruly crowds.

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they were nervous if we didn't win they would be killed of poisoned

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Ok if you hated the country you were in and loved another why stay in the one you hate. (loyalists loved Britain and thought Americans were unproper pigs)

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Q: Why did the loyalists leave the colonies for Canada?
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Why was canada divided into two colonies?

After the war, many loyalists moved to Canada. But most did not want to live in a French culture.To avoid problems , Great Britain divided the land into two colonies, upper canada and lower canada.

Where did the loyalists start a new life?

During the American Revolutionary Period, particularly after 1783, loyalists from the fledgling United States of America often started new lives in either Great Britain itself or the British colonies that would later become the nation of Canada. It should be noted that not all loyalists chose to leave America, but those who did typically found refuge in areas that remained under the control of the 'mother-country' of Great Britain.

What was the purpose of establishing Upper and Lower Canada?

The massive migration of Loyalists to British North America led to the creation of Upper Canada and Lower Canada in 1791. The Constitutional Act of 1791 divided the Province of Quebec into the two separate colonies. Relations between the English speakers in the west and the French speakers in the east were strained. Splitting the area into two colonies was an attempt to end the French-English conflict and retain the allegiance of the Loyalists in Quebec.The English settlements in Upper Canada would be ruled by British common law and an elected assembly while the French province of Lower Canada would retain the form of government decreed in the Québec Act (a governor and appointed Councillors).

Why did the united empire loyalists come to Canada?

The loyalists were British subjects living in the future U.S. and did not agree with the creation of the new country. So they left, most of them settling in Canada which was still apart of the British Empire.

Why did canada leave the british empire?

Many people believed that they didn't want to be governed by a country an ocean away, and it took many days to be able to send messages, so there is very low communication, and they wanted to trade to a place nearby. Then, on 1867, 4 colonies, Canada West, Canada East, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick joined together to make the dominion of Canada, and then, the other colonies, like British Columbia, joined later on.

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If a colonist did not support independence from Britain they were called?

Loyalists. At the end of the war they had to leave for Canada.

What happened to the Loyalists after the war?

The loyalists were individuals that lived within the colonies yet still gave their loyalty to the British. After the Revolutionary War many of the loyalist left the colonies to live in Canada territories.

What impact did the American Revolution have on Canada?

Canada was affected by it because the Loyalists from the 13 colonies that left the 13 colonies went to places that are now called ontario,quebec, and nova scotia.

Why was canada divided into two colonies?

After the war, many loyalists moved to Canada. But most did not want to live in a French culture.To avoid problems , Great Britain divided the land into two colonies, upper canada and lower canada.

What are loyalists?

In the American Revolutionary War, Loyalists were colonists that wished to remain loyal to the British crown rather than revolt. Many fled back to Britain or north to its newly acquired lands now known as Canada.

Why did so many loyalists leave the united stats?

Many Loyalists left the 13 colonies because they where loyal to the British Crown and were not safe staying in the U.S during the Revolution.

Britain formed Canada largely for loyalists who had fled the American colonies during the American Revolution?


How were many of the loyalists treated in that colonies?

Not very well when the colonies won the war. Over 53,000 moved to Canada after the war.

Why did loyalists come to Canada after the American revolutionary war?

Many Loyalists wanted to remain 'loyal' to King George. Many were harassed by neighboring patriots after the war because they knew the loyalists' preference for the King. The loyalists were bullied and so, they decided to leave by ship for Canada. Though many stayed in Canada, eventually some did return to the US soil.

Who were the loyalists and where did they live?

loyalists where people who lived in the 13 colonies but where still loyal to the England.

Who were the loyalists in the Revolutionary War?

the loyalists were those who stayed loyal toEngland and the king. Many were farmers, craftsmen, clerks, clergymen, lawyers, labourers, soldiers and slaves. They mainly came to settle in Canada around 1783 and 1784.

Where did the loyalists settle?

The loyalists settled anywhere in the colonists. The loyalists really had no specific spot in the colonies to settle. They just settled anywhere.No. There were 4 different places as far as I know. Sorry if I'm wrong. I do know they settled in Nova Scotia and New brunswick. Not sure the others. Hope I helped!