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The two biggest powers in the world did not trust each other and looked at their interests in Europe in particular and their build up of nuclear weapons as major issues. The Soviet Union had extended its influence into eastern Europe, setting up a communist bloc. This was seen as a threat. They both had nuclear weapons. They were both increasing their stocks and doing other things to build their power, like in the space race. There were some serious issues, like in the Cuban Missile Crisis, which nearly caused conflict.

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Q: Why was cold war such a threat to a world peace?
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Is cold war a threat to world peace?


What was the result of world peace in world war 2?

Cold War

How did the Cold War impact the world after World War 2?

the cold war affected everyone greatly due to the large threat of nuclear warfare

How did the world responded to the issues of War and Peace after the cold war?

The superpowers controlled the world. If lesser nations disrupted world peace, the superpowers intervened.

Why were there no nuclear weapons in the cold war?

The "cold" in "Cold War" means the two sides weren't shooting at each other. There were nuclear weapons, but just the threat of annihilation was enough to keep an uneasy peace.

What was the basis of peace in the cold war?

Peace of the Cold War was from a settlement. The Cold War was a long and hard war.

What is the threat of war?

the threat is that people risk their lives in wars and fight for peace

What did world war 2 and the cold war convince US politicians to do?

World War 2 and the Cold War convinced the U.S. politicians to do fund the peace time military. This is to counter foreign aggression.

What kept the peace in Europe after 1945?

# Though it may sound strange, the Cold War and the accompanying threat of nuclear war probably did much to 'keep the peace' in Europe. # Growing economic interdepedence in a. Western Europe and b. Eastern Europe.

What event has reduced the threat of the nuclear war?

end of the cold war

Which century was the Cold War?

{| |- | The Cold War was at the end of the 20th Century. It began shortly after the end of World War 2 and lasted until the early 1990's. During that time the threat of nuclear war was fairly high. |}

Why or why not the US did the right thing in this cold war flare up?

What the usa does wrong is if there is a threat or attak( which to get out is extremly horrible and a threat to there alliences. Example, japan was fighting the war for a long time and the usa only took action after pearl harbour.) the fact that they use more force then peace tactecs. Is why the us clearly DID NOT do the right thing. "Make peace with the enemy not war " said gandi