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Three reasons:

1. Louis XVI, the French monarch bankrupted the french treasury by engaging in American War of Independence. He then levied high taxes on the general public to cover the war cost. This was classic failure of public relations on the part of the monarch, where the common people believed that the king levied exorbitant taxes to fund his own and queens out of the bound lavish lifestyle at the expense of the citizens. This is the most common example cited in modern times showing that improving public relation is so much important for politicians.

2. French Revolution was the first incident in Europe where a reigning monarch was forced out of the throne by common public and executed for treason against the country. This was historic because at that time monarch and the country were synonymous and treason was basically defined as betraying the monarch.

The other monarchy of the Europe were completely shocked by the event and fearing similar revolution in their countries they granted more power to the people's democracy. Thus, french revolution was the catalyst towards democratic reform in other European countries, and the other parts of the world especially, South America, people rose against their European monarchs and gained independence.

3. Again, when Napoleon took over France few years later and proclaimed himself the Emperor, that was the first modern instance of fragile democracy being overtaken by a dictator. This sets an example on how a democracy can be hijacked by a dictator.

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The French Revolution is important to the United States because it is an important moment in history and also because France is another city like others it has it's cashcrop that can be sold in the U.S.A. like things we buy from the store for example sugar. We need this item to bake and accomplish other cooking skills.

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Because americans like to get involved in everyone's business. They thinks it's their right to impose themselves on people. Examples include, the native americans, the germans, the french, the russians. Recent examples include Afghanistan, Iraq and other middle eastern countries.

True, but America did NOT get involved with the French Revolution. It was a major issue for America because it mirrored the values of the American Revolution which had ended eight years before the French Revolution. Also, America had been allied with France since their Revolution, but that alliance was with King Louis XVI, not the revolutionaries. The French Revolution was a concern because the US had reasons to involve themselves and reasons not to. The wrong choice could have doomed the nation, but George Washington declared neutrality avoided the fate.

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Q: Why was the French Revolution important to world history?
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