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This is a topic of much controversy. You'll just have to examine a few and decide for yourself which Warriors Role Playing Game is the best for you. Every play has their own personal taste and this very much effects the definition of 'Best'. What is best for one person may not be the best for another. The list of websites below is in alphabetical order, using the first true character of the site name (any formatting or text decoration is ignored for the purpose of listing).

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Children of StarClan

A one of a kind experience in the Warriors World with fully automated character management systems and an unrivaled attention to world-building and details. Free for all levels, but with a push for quality and sensibility in character sheets with a great deal of attention to the world the cats live in. Intended for the Role Player who wants a more realistic warriors experience in a more visceral version of the warriors world.

INTO the MiST: A warrior cats RP

A warm community with plenty of friendly members, Into the Mist is a warrior cats text-based roleplay with a bit of history: It has been deleted and restored, working to achieve its former glory. A site-wide plot keeps things interesting as well as extra boards for miscellaneous chat. Even if you're a beginner, that won't restrain you from being able to join and try Into the Mist out. After all, it's for the entertainment, and you've got to admit roleplaying is pretty fun. So feel free to join, and write out your character's stories with us!

Skyfurrow's Warrior Roleplay

This is a fairly new warriors roleplay site that has a great start! Please join, but remember, only if you are going to be active!! Join the clans: Moonclan, Sunclan, Skyclan and their own Starclan and Treeclan, and save the clans from an unknown threat!

The New Warriors

It's been moons since Firestar has been leader and Jayfeather is still medicine cat. The clans are now at peace (Shadowclan prefers to be in war) and all is well.

Virtual Warrior Cats

The staff here are reported to be really nice, and the members help out. It has 350 (Possibly Over) members. Everyone's friendly. That, and there's a lot of plots and a lot of friends you can make.

Virtual Warrior World

Virtual Warrior World is a site with over 3,000 members and does not require a bio. It is friendly to new users and features both semi-lit to literate roleplaying. The members are friendly, the administrators like members themselves; and with frequent plots and at least five people online almost all the time, VWW is becoming more popular by the day.

Warrior Cats RPG

Warriorcats RPG is a large and friendly roleplaying forum based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Warriorcats RPG offers traditional and nontraditional Warriors roleplay. Players may also create their own RPGs about anything they like, on the side. Includes a popular discussion board about the Erin Hunter book series.

Warrior Cats Rule The Wild

A warriors roleplay site. Active, and has a great community.

Warrior Cat Pride

A warriors roleplay that the staff and users feel is awesome because it is active and the members are friendly.

Warriors Clans

The site is reported by members to be very safe and has a chat, so you can roleplay as a clan cat in real time. The rules are reasonable (in the opinion of the staff/members) and the site is updated daily.

Warrior Kittiez

A site for warrior cat role-play that has over 500 members. Everybody is reported by staff and members to be friendly.

Warriors Starlight Dreams

This is a Warriors Role-play site. But there is also other things to RP, like: Wolves, Meerkats, dolphins, dragons andhumans plus their cats.

Warriors Vengeance A Warrior Cat RPG

The membersare very friendly, and the staff rocks. You can create a character, and live like a true Clan cat or as an outsider. Anyone is welcome to join, roleplaying guides and helping members are always available if your a beginner. You can always come over and stop by, we won't bite.

W a r r i o r s W o n d e r l a n d

Quote from the site: "Welcome to Warriors Wonderland, a cat paradise, heaven, our little Starclan--without the awkward dying part, of course! We take you to a world of make, with your imagination's delight, things get 'curiouser and curiouser', where you can find 'hakuna matata' in an adventure, and where everything is possible at the choice of your words."

Warriors Roleplaying Website Katfreak123

This is a great warrior roleplaying website. It has a lot of active members, updated almost daily. A great atmosphere for roleplaying and its members are fun. Live the real life of a warrior cat from a kit to a warrior!

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The best Warrior Cats roleplay is subjective and depends on personal preferences. Some popular and well-regarded Warrior Cats roleplays include roleplaying on forums like WCRP, or joining a roleplay group on platforms like Discord or Amino. It's important to find a roleplay that aligns with your interests and has a welcoming and active community.

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If you go on the original warrior cats site, they have a section dedicated to roleplays...i think. You can roleplay there. owo

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for one toontown, just join free, you can have as many acc as you wish, and if u wanna join my clan, post a comenton my profile

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warrior kitties world . webs . com is so much fun!

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Is there a warrior cats roleplay site that doesn't have a lot of members?

Check out the Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki. Not to many, not to little.

What warrior cats roleplay site has the most members?

It is difficult to determine the exact site with the most members as it can vary frequently based on active users. Some popular warrior cats roleplay sites with large member bases include Warrior Cats Online, FeralFront, and Warrior Cats RPG.

How do you play warrior cats RPG com?

Umm... It's a forum, so you roleplay and post.

Is there a warrior cat rp on feral heart that has a map?

Yes, there are several Warrior Cat roleplay groups on Feral Heart that have maps created specifically for their roleplay settings. These maps often include different territories for various clans, gathering places, and landmarks from the Warrior Cat book series. Players can immerse themselves in the world of Warrior Cats and interact with others in these roleplay environments.

What are good roleplay topics?

There are several topics like; Fantasy, Dragons, etc. But I prefer something like a good Wild Horse, Wolf, Horse/Human, and Warrior Cats roleplay but that's just me. (:

Are there online warrior cats games?

Yes, there are a few on and several games where you can roleplay cats in the four clans, one of which is a light chatbox roleplay called Kugyay ( The online game is rumored to come out on January 22, 2012 with the new book.

Is there a warrior roleplay for ten year old?

There is actually this wonderful website called I'm eleven, and I love it! You can be sure to find or make the roleplays. If you mean warrior cats, then no doubt. Warrior, as in sports, or warrior savages, then you can make it.

How do you become a star clan cat on warrior cats roblox?

To become a StarClan cat on Warrior Cats Roblox, you will need to roleplay and engage with the StarClan lore and storyline within the game. Show dedication to the roleplay, follow the rules, and contribute positively to the community to increase your chances of being chosen as a StarClan cat by the game moderators or leaders.

Are there any cat games where you can be the cat And I mean a CAT Not a lion or tiger or whatever a CAT And not take care of the cat actuallly be it?

There are roleplay games and Warriors Hunting Games which you can get to by searching warrior cats roleplay in google for the roleplay games. That is pretty much all that is out there, sorry.

Is there a good warrior cats role playing site where its easy to join a Clan?

im marapets, and neopets there are guilds (clubs for marapets) that you can roleplay at. im in a great one!

What are some good small and very detailed warriors roleplay sites?

There's a role play game on the official warrior cats website. You have to go on the forums first.

Who is the best leader in warrior cats?