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A meerkat is not feline at all, but is a suricate, a member of the mongoose family. Diurnal, highly gregarious, and territorial, they live in the dry, open country of southwestern Angola, Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa.

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Are Meerkats ectothermic or endothermic?

Endothermic. All mammals are endothermic (except for some heterothermic bats, which greatly lower their metabolism and body temperature during sleep, so that they are technically only endothermic when awake). ...
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What is the surname of aleksandr the meerkat?

Aleksandr doesn't have a surname (as of yet; nobody can tell what the scriptwriters may come up with). ...
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Meerkat isn spanish?

Meerkats live in southern Africa. The name looks Dutch to me.
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What are meerkats instincts?

1) to wake up in the morning and start working on the den. 2) to watch any pups. 4) to lead. 5) to get something to eat all day long. 6) to breed and to follow the leader ...
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Why do meerkats stand up on there back legs?

To improve their field and range of sight.
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What do Meerkats eat?

The Meerkat usually eats insects if they can be find them. They will forage by digging among leaves, dirt, dry grasses, bark, pebbles, and anything that small bugs can hide in. The Meerkats do forage in small groups with one lookout, and take turns pulling duty as the lookout changing about every hour or so. They will also eat lizards, snakes, spiders, eggs, small or baby mammals, scorpions, millipedes, centipedes, plants and roots. If it is available, and they will eat small...
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Why do meerkats live in large groups?

Because it greatly improves their chances of survival to be close to other meerkats. A meerkat can't really survive on their own as they can't keep watch and eat food at the same time. There are other survival behaviors undertaken in groups, such as keeping warm and grooming. ...
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Who eats a meerkat?

Eagles, wild cats, foxes, etc., eat meerkats. a lion
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What are adaptations of a meerkat?

Meerkats have black patches round their eyes, these act like sunglasses. Their long, curved claws make them excellent diggers which helps them to get at burrowing insects. Other structural adaptations include the colouration of their fur that helps camouflage them from predators. Hope this is helpful. ...
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Are baby meerkats born in eggs?

A Meerkat is born as a living animal
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What does meerkat mean in afrikaans?

The literal translation is "lake cat", but is the name of the suricate a member of the mongoose family. It's a small (about 1.5 pounds) carnivorous mammal that lives in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. Answer In Afrikaans meerkat generally translates to marsh cat. Answer Meer has a few meanings in Afrikaans - it can mean 'more' or 'like' Kat is exactly what it sounds like - cat So a meerkat is a cat-like animal Meerkat - In the Afrikaans language (derived from African dialects and Dutch...
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What is a meerkat called in Greek?

Σουρικάτα (surikata).
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Are meerkats related to ferrets?

No, they are not. As you move down the species classification system, the last category the two animals share in common is that they are both carnivores. Meerkats are in fact more closely related to mongooses. ...
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What is the average body temperature of a meerkat?

i believe it would be very similar to that of a humans (98 degrees)
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What eats a meerkat?

eagles and other predatory bids that will atack. Which i will also include large snakes and mammals such as Hyenas. They are mostly protected by safety in numbers, however, sometimes an unlucky meerkat may be caught alone and snatched up by a bird of prey, like a hawk. When they are in groups, they fend off snakes (like puff adders, for instance), but sometimes, again, when alone, they are no match for a snake. The African people that live close to them...
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Where do meerkats live?

Meerkats live inside underground burrows in the deserts of South Africa. Meerkats mostly live in the Kalahari desert, unless, in captivity. The meerkat's natural habitat is the desert and semi desert regions of Southern Africa, primarily the Kalahari and Karoo regions of South Africa and the Kalahari and Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana. There is also a population in eastern Namibia, where the Kalahari approaches the central mountain ranges. ...
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How high can LeBron James jump?

He can jump approximately 44 inches virtical step./
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How many chromosomes do hamsters have?

13,679 in most cases. However in some rare hamster species there are 13,680 chromosomes, these of which live in rural areas situated with little human contact and few predators. Living in the wild of many island in the Pacific Ocean. ...
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Do meerkats get hot with all the fur they have?

They get hot in the day but they get cold at night. Deserts can have high temperatures in the day and cold at night. ...
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When is the meerkat breeding season?

They breed throughout the year but some of the best times are right before spring in the winter because there pups are born in spring which is always filled with life, and that means they have lots of food to dine on. ...
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How do meerkat tracks look like?

They kinda look like dog tracks or cat tracks you decide its really an oopinion ...