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Q: What do you say to make your crush just totally laugh?
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What should you do if you do something really embarrassing in front of your crush?

Just apologise and laugh it off. Make a joke out of it if you can.

Can You Make Yourself Laugh?

Well you can totally fake it and laugh for the fun of it, or you say a joke in front of a group and laugh at it too.

How do you make a impression on a girl that likes someone else?

You can be nice to her or always make her laugh. Just be comfortable around her. Make sure you're careful not to insult her or her crush.

Your crush kinda likes you but how do you make him really like you?

Make him laugh, flirt with him. Be yourself.

How can this girl know you have a crush on her?

just be nice to her and make sure if she likes sombody else then walk in the middle and make her laugh until the other guy leaves

What should you do to make your crush laugh?

Well that depends on what he likes. Find something that he likes, ask one of his friends, or mabye it will just come to u.

What does it mean when your crush tries to make you laugh?

When your crush tries to make you laugh, it usually means they are trying to connect with you on a more personal level and make you feel comfortable around them. It can also be a sign that they enjoy your company and want to see you happy.

How can you tell if your crush likes you too but his friend trys to make you laugh does that mean his friend like you?

With me, I was able to tell my crush liked me because he acted different, good different, when he was around me and not his friends. If your crushes friend tries to make you laugh, it is possible he likes you, but maybe he just wanted to tell a silly joke. Best way to find out is to ask them. Good Luck!

Why does your crush not talk to you but always tries to make you laugh?

That person may like you... but not, that person may try to make friends with you.

Why would a shy girl say eww about her crush and laugh triggering her mom to say oh not this again?

She just doesnt want her mom saying anything because she knows that she is trying to make her crush think sh deosn't like him by saying this.

Why does your crush make you jealous?

hey its mandy (amanda), im just here just saying you could do better find a new guy/girl and remember your HOT like TOTALLY xx

How do you get a girl to laugh in middle school?

well, i know guys always make me laugh by being really silly in class and like burst out during class. my crush does that and its hilarious!! hope this helps My crush loves it when i make funny faces. Of course that may not work because were both crazy