What is giyongchy?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Giyongchy is the name of a Korean designer. The designs are found all over the internet, with bold lines and stark contrasts. Many believe the name originated from a cross between Yoong Sii and Givenchy.

Giyonchy is NOT a name of a Korean designer.

Giyongchy is a customized-imitation brand that was featured in several of Korean artist G-Dragon's Music Videos, where he wears a beanie or snapback featuring the name "Giyongchy" with the original name-brand Givenchy logo. Obviously Giyongchy (brought on by G-Dragon himself) is a spinoff of fashion brand Givenchy and G-Dragon's birth name, which Giyong Kwon. Interestingly, with the fact that Givenchy is "jhee-von-SHEE",pronouncing Giyonchy actually sounds like "Jhee-yong-sshi," which in Korean sounds like "Mr. Giyong."

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Q: What is giyongchy?
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