Are poinsettas poisonous to cats

Updated: 8/11/2023
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I was always told that poinsettas are poisonous to cats. Several months ago, however, I read an entry on (the myths and urban legends debunking site) that said that, despite all the rumors about poinsettas being toxic to humans and animals, they are actually not poisonous to humans or dogs, unless a very, very large amount of them are eaten. And even then, the dog or person probably won't die. They'll just get really sick.

Unfortunately, the entry neglected to specifically mention whether or not poinsettas are poison to cats.

I have included a link to the entry so you can see for yourself.

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it can be but if you take care of it and get to the vet in time it should not hurt the cat a lot

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Q: Are poinsettas poisonous to cats
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Some can be.

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They are poisonous if you eat them but if you touch them they will not poision you

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Sure. It depends on what kind of plant the leaf is from or what chemicals are on the leaf. Some plants will kill you. At Christmas they always warn that the Poinsettas are poisonous.

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