Can adult frogs eat baby turtles?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Yes, turtles are very cannibalistic. Adult turtles will chase down and eat baby turtles sharing their tank because of their small size. To a adult turtle a tiny turtle is just so tempting to chase, then when they get up to it they just have to bite it! When they realize that they could eat it then they will. An adult turtle may also bite and eat a baby turtles legs while they are basking.
Although "fellow" turtles are not part of their regular diet, turtles can fight and be aggressive with each other, snapping and biting at heads and limbs. There have been accounts of limbs and eyes being lost. Obviously, they can't eat through the shell. But they are omnivores and meat is meat.

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No , turtles eat frogs.. U should not put them in the same tank.

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Q: Can adult frogs eat baby turtles?
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Can asnapping turtle eat a snapping turtle?

Yes. Adult snapping turtles will eat baby snapping turtles.

Adult frogs eat meat and are?

Adult frogs eat flies or dragonflies.

Do bullfrogs eat baby turtles?

when there very little bullfrogs might if they can fit it in there mouth and it moves they will. But most frogs will not eat a baby turtle. I have bullfrogs and some tiny painted turtles and it has been ok so far. But i hand feed my frogs so they are well fed!!!

Can you put a mussel or clam in the same tank as baby turtles?

No, a mussel or clam cannot be put in the same tank as a baby turtle. Baby turtles, as well as adult turtles will eat mussels and clams.

Do frogs eat box turtles?


Do frogs eat their babies?

No! Tree frogs are carnivorous and only eat live insects.

What do snapper turtles eat?

they eat frogs smaller turtles insects and smaller animals

Can water baby turtles eat octopus?

My answer in no because according to the video from national geographic channel adult tortoises maybe eat octopus but its diet eats jellyfish, baby turtles get eaten by octopus.

Why are frog tadpoles herbivore and adult frogs carnivores?

Frogs and turtles are classified as carnivores because they eat meat.Frog's Diet Turtle's Diet• Worms • Frogs • Grasshoppers • Tadpoles• Crickets • Worms• Flies • Fish• etc. • etc.

Do snapping turtles eat frogs?

Yes, frogs are a common part of the snapping turtles diet.

Are there any species of frogs that will not have to eat insects?

There are many species of frogs which do not have to eat insects. Some species may eat lizards, small fish, other frogs, reptiles such as baby freshwater turtles, small birds and even mammals such as rodents and small bats.

Do painted turtles eat frogs?

Yes they will eat it and its not harmful to the turtle but this shouldn't be your turtles diet.