Does Sasuke kill tsunade

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No sasuke doesn't kill Tsunade but Danzo almost killed her.

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Q: Does Sasuke kill tsunade
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Does Sasuke kill lady tsnaude?

To answer your question. No Uchiha Sasuke does not kill Tsunade-Sama.

Why Sasuke kill lady tsunade?

~Spoilers~Sasuke did not kill Tsunade Hime.She isn't even dead, shes in a coma caused by using up the chakra stored in her forehead in the battle against Pain.

When does the akatsuki last show on naruto?

ep.211 lady tsunade sends naruto on a mission to kill madara uchiha <tobi> and then the akatsuki went to kill tsunade she dies leaving naruto as hokage but just then sasuke shows up with the taka and naruto puts them in ninja jail . Sasuke claims to know a jutsu to bring people back to life they take him out of ninja jail.He brings back tsunade,jiraya and itachi.then sasuke and itachi become legendary sannin

When is Tsunade made Hokage before or after Sasuke leaves?

Tsunade is made Hokage Before Sasuke leaves. She's the one who sent Shikamru and the team of Genin after him.

Will Tobi kill tsunade?

No, Tobi does not kill Tsunade.

LatMeBe and Tsunade Uchiha who is Sasuke sisters and where you saw her is there any picture?

Sasuke doesnt have a sister.

When did Tsunade find out that Sasuke killed Orochimaru?

Chapter 350

Does Sasuke kill pein?

No Sasuke does not kill Pein

can itachi anbu kill sasuke base?

Itachi let Sasuke kill him or he could have killed sasuke

Who can kill tenten?

nobody can kill her because tsunade trained her.

Will sakura attack Sasuke If he kiiled tsunade?

yes she probably will because she attacked him once for the sake of her promise with naruto who is one of her best friends (or in shippuden maybe JUST MAYBE SOMETHING even more..) so if she can attack sasuke for naruto she can do it for tsunade there's no way I can imagine sakura watching sasuke kill her beloved teacher in front of her eyes sakura is different in shippuden I love her super human strength,brains,excellent tai-jutsu,healing jutsu & her bravery! sakura rocks!

Why does Sasuke not kill Naruto?

because sasuke is naruto's friend and he will never kill him