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Drain the coolant, remove the alternator and the etc. sensor hose from the reservoir. Remove the housing and replace the thermostat.

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Q: How do you change thermostats in a cat C-15 engine?
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Where is the actuator solenoid located on a cat C15 engine?

The solenoid on a Caterpillar C15 diesel engine can be found on top of the alternator. The solenoid is held on by four screws.

What are the engine torque specs for a c15 cat engine?

A C15 Caterpillar engine has dozens of torque specifications for many different engine bolts. The head bolts should be torqued at 350 pounds.

How many water thermostats are on a Cat C-12 engine?


What RPM need for c15 cat engine?

Peak torque on the c15 is between 1500-1700 rpm. Drag it down below 1400 under load and it starts lugging pretty bad

Where can you get the diagram for serpentine belts on 06 c15 cat engine in 06 international 9400i?

See the related link below.

What oil filter does a cat c15 acert take?

There are four different oil filters that a CAT C15 Acert can use. From NAPA, the numbers for the filters are 7792, 1792XE, 1792XE , and 1792XD.

What are the torque specs for a cat c15 4 bolt connecting rod?

The torque specifications, for a Caterpillar C15 diesel engine, connecting rod is 70 pounds per square inch. The bolt should be torqued in 20 pound intervals.

What oil filter does a cat c15 take?

1R-1808 caterpillar oil filter

What truck engine is better - Cummins or CAT?

Depends on model year and market. Cat left the highway diesel market for a reason - buy a truck with a C15 with an engine serial number beginning with SDP, and you'll find out why, real quick.

How much antifreeze does a 2004 peterbilt 379 with 475 cat engine hold?

The real question would be WHICH 475 Cat motor? 475 is just a horsepower rating - The C13 and C15 were both available at that horsepower rating.

Where can you find ECM wiring diagram for Cat C15?

For Cat and Cummins wiring diagrams please visit my web site.

How do you line up timing marks on a C15 Cat engine?

This is a very delicate procedure that needs to be done correctly. Make sure to visit a mechanic to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

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