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well its not the easiest thing but i may be able to help you out

what you need to do is train with the horse everyday

canter or trot and then go to an imedate Holt keep doing this for couple of weeks and you will end up like Stacey westfall

if none of this works reply back to me

Thanks grennyboy


*make sure your horse already stops on a dime at the trot and canter before trying the sliding stop*

Keep your horse in a straight line throughout the run-down. Lope down the arena, gradualy building speed until you reach the point you want him to stop (do not get the horse to go faster than the optimum speed he will go and still stop) and then ask for an imedate stop. Do not slow him down before you stop, you will not get a good sliding stop. If your horse does not stop very collectedly, ask for a few steps of backing up. After a few times, the horse will round up when you ask him to stop because he anticipates the back up. Do not pull very hard on the reins-this shortens the slide. For the best slide, you want to sit back and say whoa and have him stop. This doesnt interfere with him like pulling the reins would, producing a longer sliding stop. If you cannot do this with your horse, then you may try sitting back and tightening the reins just a tad. After that, do not pull harder on the reins. Just keep that tiny bit of presure. If this doesnt work, then you could sit back, and tack the slack out of the reins just long enough to give him the sign to stop, and then release. This is good if you cant get your horse to stop withough pressure on the reins, but he doesnt slide far enough when you hold the presure.

*NOTE: when asking for the stop, if using reins, say whoa, and wait a second before pulling the reins. This gives the horse time to set himself up for the stop, and will eventually make it so you don't have to use the reins.*

*Make sure you are doing this on good footing! It should be on ground with a packed base with 2-3 inches of loose fluffy footing on top of that. Adding rice hulls or shavings can keep it good and fluffy. You could damage your horses legs if you do not use this kind of footing or similar footing and will not get a good sliding stop. Also, have skid boots on your horse to prevent his fetlocks from being rubbed raw when he slides, and braid your horses tail to keep it out of the way*

Also, whenever stopping, make sure that you stop riding.. You should totally relax in the saddle.

Keep doing this for couple of weeks and you will end up like Stacey westfall

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Q: How do you teach a horse to do a sliding stop?
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