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Hawaii is a beautiful state and if you want to know all about it's beautiful wildlife, visit and then look for Hawaii.

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grass flowers coconut trees ................

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i think there is loads of sharks in the ocean.i know that didnt answer ur question.soz

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Q: How is the animals and plant life in Hawaii?
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What happens when there are no animals?

humans are mammals, so if there were no animals, the only life on Earth would be plant life

How are plant and animals life dependent on the water cycle?

all the plant and animals depend on the water cycle some more than others

What is the state plant of Hawaii?

The state plant of Hawaii is the Nut crust.

What kind of land has the largest diversity of animals and plant life?


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What dose a marine biologist do?

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What kind of animals are in Hawaii?

Hawaii has 8,800 native species found only in Hawaii.