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This is pretty normal for a hamster. They do get nervous and the pooping may be more frequent when handled. Hamster do tend to poop a lot and whenever they need to so it doesn't matter if you are picking it up or not. Just check to make sure the poop is solid not runny. Runny poop can be a sign of wet tail. If this happens, bring it to the vet!

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Q: Is your hamster scared if she poops excessively when picked up or is this normal?
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When i picked my hamster up it poos loades?

that means that your hamster is till a little scared of you but if u give him time he will get us to it

When I get my pet hamster out my dog gets scared of my hamster what should I do to make him not scared?

show the dog that there is nothing to be scared of...

Is it normal for your new pet hamster to be scared of you?

No, it is not normal, but you can try leaving the hamster alone for a little while so he might forget you, then try coming back to him with a friendly face, and and gently pat it. Don't hold it too much though, maybe that might be the reason why he is scared of you.

Why does hamster squeak?

It is scared.

Why do Hamster's Squeal?

They squeal when they are scared!

How can i stop my hamster being scared of me?

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What are the signs of a nervous hamster?

If a hamster is scared or nervous it may bite you.

Is hamster scared of stuffed animals?

Well, it kinda depends on the hamster breed. Some get scared easily, some don't. You could probably train it not to be scared.

Is it normal for a hamster to pee on you?

It’s not ”normal β€œ I guess. They normally pee on you as a way to tell you they are scared of their surroundings or of you i hope this helps-

Why is your hamster scared of you?

when you first bought a hamster it will be scared cause it have not know you yet you can try and tame your hamster if you want but just be careful not to scare them its not that easy cause I tryed to tame my hamster and I found it kinda hard

Are dwarf hamster scared of water?


Why is my dwarf Robo hamster siting in the tube all the time?

probably because its scared of you touching him or her or is scared of falling down the tube like my hamster

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