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Q: Should i put shampoo on my kitten when i give it a bath?
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Are guinea pigs odourless?

Most of the time guinea pigs don't have an odour as long as you clean their cage often. If they are still stinky, you can always give them a bath. If you want to give then a bath you should either use bunny, kitten or ferret shampoo, dog shampoo is too strong and natural shampoo is the best for them.

What age can you give a kitten a bath?

You should never give a cat a bath at any age.

When is it best to give a kitten a bath?

I've heard it is usually once a week. Unless the kitten got into something dirty, it doesn't need a bath. Kittens/cats clean themselves.

Your parakeet smells what should you do?

Give it a bath (no chemicals like shampoo or conditioner, just regular water)or give it to the vet to get cleaned.

What should you do if your chinchillas fur gets stuck and matted?

I recommend that you give it a bath and a shampoo (but carefully, so you do not drown it).

Can you give your guinea pig a bath with regular shampoo?

When bathing your guinea pig, you should be careful to always use the proper animal shampoo from a vet or pet store. Human shampoo can be harmful to the animal.

Will the mother cat take a kitten back after it spent the night ithe house with two oher cats?

That is a good question. It may but first you need to remove the other cats scent from the kitten. Give it a short bath in kitten shampoo. After the kitten is dry, rub the kitten against the mama cat without the mama seeing the kitten. Doing this puts mamas scent back on the kitten and will make for a better meeting.

What to do if your kitten is step on?

give him a ice cold bath and some tylonol

Can you give guinea pigs a bath without any special shampoo?

yes you can give a guinea pig a bath with just water but they will not be as clean as when you give them a bath with shampoo and yes they do make special shampoo for guinea pigs don't use normal soap on guinea pigs you can find this special soap at petsmart in the guinea pig area

How do you stop a cat from smelling?

Give it a bath - using cat shampoo.

How do you get shampoo hat in Nintendogs?

you have to use the shampoo a lot to let the game know you like to give your dog a bath.

Can you give a two month old dog a bath with shampoo?

You should not wash a dog of any age in regular shampoo. It can give them serious skin irritation. Go ahead and pick up some dog shampoo. You can buy it at any pet or grocery store.