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inductive reasoning (APEX)

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inductive reasoning

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Q: These footprints have only four toes your cat has four toes These footprints must belong to your cat?
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Which of the four Vedas do Kannada Devangas beong to?

Kannada Devangas may belong to any of the four Vedas. It is not necessary for them to belong to only one Veda.

What actors and actresses appeared in Leave Only Footprints - 2010?

The cast of Leave Only Footprints - 2010 includes: Louise McManus as Maddy

Where are platypus footprints?

Platypus footprints are rarely seen. They are likely to be visible only near freshwater creeks and rivers in eastern Australia.

Who is culprat on kit kittredge ds mystery 1?

gracie. clues; whisker in the door latch, grcie's pawprints match footprints in yard, hers are the only footprints that overlap the chicken footprints. hope it was helpful

Where can you find platypus footprints?

Platypus footprints may be seen very rarely. If they are seen, it will only be alongside freshwater creeks and rivers in the eastern states of Australia.

Do only Arab countries belong to OPEC?

This is false. Four OPEC members are non-Arab countries.

Which one does not belong Kenya-Libya-Egypt-Zaire?

It is not patently obvious which one of the four does not belong because each could be the answer for the following reasons: Kenya: It is the only stable democracy out of the four. Libya: It was the only area colonized by the Italians out of the four. Egypt: It has the largest population of the four, straddles two continents, and played host to an Ancient Civilizations. Zaire: It was the only Belgian Colony in all of Africa and has incredible natural resources such as rare woods.

Why are there still footprints on the moon?

The lack of atmosphere means there is no wind, or rain, etc. to either erode or wash away the footprints. The only way for the footprints to be disturbed would be from an impact event, such as a meteor striking the moon's surface near the prints and disturbing the surface.

What word doesn't belong in this group wolf giraffe chicken or toad?

toad live waterAnswer:I'd guess it must be chicken. The other animals have four legs and the chicken only two.

What number doesn't belong 21 41 81 11 19?

-- 11 doesn't belong, because it's the only one that's less than 19 . -- 19 doesn't belong, because it's the only one without a ' 1 ' in the units place. -- 81 doesn't belong because it's the only one that's greater than 80. -- 21 doesn't belong because it's the only one with four distinct factors. -- 41 doesn't belong because it's the only prime that's bigger than all the other primes in the group.

What must be true of the side lengths of a polygon to build a rectangle that is not square?

For a figure to be a square, it must have four congruent sides and four right angles. For a figure to be a rectangle, it only has to have four right angles.

Are fingerprints only for fingers?

Yes that's why there called FINGERprints......but theres also footprints