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there are tortoises and turtles tortoises live on land and turtles swim and sometimes live underwater

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Q: Tortoise can stay in the water sometimeHow does tortoise do that?
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What do you wash a tortoise in?

You can wash it in a shallow tub that is large enough for the tortoise to walk around in. Put luke warm water in it and let the tortoise stay in there for 10-15 minutes.

Can tortoises stay upsidedown?

Yes, but it's not good for the tortoise to stay upside down for long. The tortoise should be able to righten him self, help him if he's stuck. It would be very stressfull for the tortoise to stay upside down for more than a couple minutes. But it won't kill the tortoise. It is very bad for the tortoise's health.

Why can tortoise stay in the for sometimes?


What does the desert tortoise do to stay cool in a desert?

The desert tortoise spends nearly 95% of its life underground to avoid the heat.

What is the difference between a bird and a turtle?

A turtle can only stay out of water for a short amount of time, a tortoise can stay out of water for a long time depending on how sensitive their skin is.

Can tortoise's stay outdoors overnight?

if it is a wild one it canit finds a place for itself to sleep although if it is a house pet then it will have to stay indoors.

How long does a tortoise stay with its mom?

Tortoises abandon their nests either right after laying, or a short while after laying. They never live with their young.

How long does a gopher tortoise stay with their parents?

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What things do tortoise need?

Turtles need food, water, shelter, heat and proper lighting. You can take them out of the warmth for a while to play or something but for the most part they need to be in heat. To do this you should keep a special heat lamp made just for reptiles on top of it's cage. Turtles need UVA and UVB light in order to properly digest their food and stay healthy.

Do desert tortises stay with their mother the first months?

Once the female tortoise lays and buries her eggs, she has nothing more to do with them. When the eggs hatch a few months later, the babies are on their own and never know their mother.

How does a tortoise protect itself from the weather?

It digs a hole not to deep only big enough to fit in there; and if it is rains it will just stay there, not move and it will put his head inside the shell. and if it is hot it will stay there in the whole because the dirt is kind of cool and the turtle will chill.

How long does the desert tortoise's mother stay with it?

A desert tortoise mother leaves her young as soon as they are laid She leaves them in a hole to keep them warm so it is best if you take the eggs out and keep them in a warm glass container( often used by scientists). If you can't find one then I suggest having her lay her eggs in a area inside your home like a room where you can control the temp and have the eggs in a box filled with dirt. Keep the eggs in a line never on top of each other. Make sure also that you do a lot of research if you ever want your tortoise to have young. A mother never stays with her young, so you must know that you shouldn't try to introduce the young to her because it might end badly. I hope I helped you a bit.