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Normally Blue is a cock. Brown is a hen

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Q: What gender budgie if it has a blue and purple cere?
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What do you do if a budgie has a dry cere?

Its a sighn of a sickness.So separate that budgie.

How do you tell the sex of a robin?

You can usually tell a male robin from a female robin because of the brightness of their colors. The male robin's chest and belly will be a bright orange (or burnt orange). The female's chest and belly area will be a duller orange (or burnt orange).

How can you tell a genders on parkeets without touching them?

On parakeets over 1 year of age, the males will often develop a bright blue-purple cere (the area where the nares/nostrils are, right above the beak), while the female cere is tan, brown or very light blue. However, this is not always 100% reliable. Male parakeets often sing and bob their heads more, but this is also not very reliable, as differences in socialization can affect this behavior greatly. The best way to determine sex for sure is a Zoogen Blood Sexing test, or another type of sexing test. But this requires a visit to the vet and a small sample of blood or a feather. Be sure to call about pricing first, because it can get expensive.

What is the waxy covering at the base of a birds beak called?


What do budgies look like?

They have multi-colored feathers. Most people would call them parakeets, although they are a different species.Budgies are the smallest members of the parrot family, so they have the characteristic short curved beak of a parrot. English budgies have had the slenderness bred out of them, are larger than normal budgies and tend to have a rounded shape.In their natural state, budgies are slender birds, about 18cm in length. The male has a blue waxy membrane above its beak called the cere, where the nostrils are, whilst the equivalent in a breeding female is brown, and pale in a non-breeding bird. Wild budgies are green, but years of selective breeding of captive birds have produced a great variety of colours, including other shades of green, yellow, all the shades of blue, lilac and violet, white and pied (mixtures of any of the colours).The term parakeet actually covers a variety of small to medium sized parrots with long tails. There is actually no such species as a parakeet. Any bird known by this term has another name, but has been "lumped in" together with other small-medium long-tailed parrots (e.g. the Alexandrine Parakeet is actually an Alexandrine Parrot, and the Abyssinian Parakeet is actually an Abyssinian Ringneck).

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Is my parakeet a boy because of his pink and purple cere?

sexing a budgie is relatively easy. if the bird has a blue cere its a male if it has a pink or brown cere its a female

How do you tell if your bugie is a girl or a boy?

a budgies gender is found by lookin at it cere the cere is the small thing found on top of the beak if the cere is blue it is simply a male but females are a dark tan the cere will darken as the budgie gets older. Thank-you!

When can you tell what sex a budgie is?

The age you can tell when a budgie is a girl or boy is 6 to 5 months. In that timing the cere (the skin above the beak) will be a purple or pinkish colour. Then if a boy the cere will be blue, if a girl it will be beige or slight pink.

What is a cere on a budgie?

A cere is the waxy part above the budgie's beak. It is where the bird's nostrils are. In males it is blue, while females have a pale cere except for when they're breeding - then it turns brown.

What happens to a boy budgie when its beak turns brown?

A male budgie's beak, or rather, the cere above the beak, does not turn brown. A mature male budgie has a blue cere. If your budgie's cere has turned brown, you have a female that is ready to breed.

Where can you find pictures of a cere? I uploaded a picture of some budgies to my vox page. The cere is the blue band just above the beak of the budgie that you can see in the photo. The male budgies have a blue cere.

What do you do if a budgie has a dry cere?

Its a sighn of a sickness.So separate that budgie.

How do you tell if a parakeet is a girl?

It's often really difficult to tell the sex of your parakeet or budgie. They are only sexually dimorphic on their cere. The cere is the fleshy part just above their beak. It is the area of skin around their nostrils. The remaining areas of a budgie body, whether male or female are too similar, often identical, to be able to tell the difference in gender. However, if your budgie is younger than twelve months, then it may be impossible to visually identify whether it's gender is male or a female. If that is the case, then you will have to take your budgie to an avian veterinarian to be surgically sexed. To determine parakeet gender yourself, take a look at the cere. In normal variety males the cere will be blue or purplish. If your budgie is recessive pied, fallow, lacewing, lutino, or dark-eyed clear then the cere will be bright purple or ping. All female budgie varieties develop a white, tan, or brown cere. The brown ceres tend to be flaky and thick. Some experts also agree that there are some behavior differences between budgie sexes. While this isn't scientific evidence that they're either a male or a female it can help in the parakeet gender identification process. Behavior differences include: Male Parakeets: -Head bobbing -More Singing -More Active and Social Female Parakeets: -Bossy -Louder -Don't generally sing I hope this was helpful :)

How do you tell the age of a female budgie?

Not when it's older than a youngster. Young budgies have black eyes and they are less muscular than adult budgies. But when budgie is about six months old, it looks and behaves like adult, and it's age is impossible to define. Colour doesn't matter.

Why doe's my budgie have a red nose?

All it means is that he/she is in breeding condition but he/she will have to be at least 12 months or older before ready, really its nothing to worry about.

How do you tell if a budgies is a girl or a boy?

you can't tell the sex of a budgie as a baby unless you DNA test it ( which i wouldn't suggest and would probably be a waste of money and time ) even a vet couldn't tell the sex of a baby budgie... but when they are older boy budgies have blue crests (the part above their beak) and girls are brown or a pink colour.

What color is a female parakeet?

a male parakeets cere is dark (dark purple blue ect.)