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adaptation and natural selection

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Q: What has been the driving force for the evolution of behavior in all animals.?
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What is natural selection How is it related to evolution?

Natural selection is the process of certain animals being more successful than others and thus reproducing more. It is the driving force behind evolution as we currently understand it.

Darwin believed that the major driving force in evolution was what?

Natural Selection

What drove the evolution of the PBX?

The advent of the T-1 carrier as the preferred transmission medium was the principle force driving the evolution of the PBX

What is the driving force of evolution?

Natural selection--evolution is survival of the fittest. Weaker animals die, and stronger animals survive. Genetic variation--this allows for animals of the same species to have different traits (some of which may be more favorable and through evolution will become the norm for the species) - Genetic drift also plays a role; It's when the gene pool of a population is changed because of an accident, etc. - Gene flow is when individuals from different populations migrate and introduce their genes into another population's gene pool Mutation--sometimes genetic mutation allows for new, favorable traits to appear.

What is the driving force behind all behavior that arise from within a person?

According to Freud, the Labido

What is the central force driving evolution?

Reproductive variation is central to evolution. All else in evolutionary theory follows directly or indirectly from the fact that organisms reproduce with variation.

To Darwin what was central to organic evolution?

Darwin believed that natural selection was central to organic evolution. Natural selection was also the driving force behind most of Darwin's work.

What year did the Theory of Evolution advance?

Charles Darwin Published "On the origin of species by means of natural selection" in 1859. He was not the first to postulate evolution. His grandfather Erasmus Darwin advanced the theory of evolution 75 years earlier. Charles Darwin gave us the driving force "natural selection"

What is the driving force for erosion?

the driving force for erosion is , when bad things come out of driving that involves erosion.

How is competition a driving force in society?

Competition would be the driving force of exclusion

What represented an evolution during the 1930's French Air Force?

The Amiot 143 of the French Air Force represented an evolution in the Amiot piston-engine.

Why is the theory of evolution so hard for so many people to understand?

As one Nobel prize said, "The problem with evolution is that everyone thinks they understand it." Probably the main reason that evolution is difficult to understand is that it requires the acceptance of "deep time" - extremely long periods of time. Another thing that is difficult to grasp is that evolution isn't about "survival of species"; most evolutionary biologists consider the survival of genes and the driving force of evolution.