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I have both. The guinea pigs are more social, but then again, my hamster will come out of his hiding house when he hears my voice (usually he knows my voice means but if space or money is an issue, go with the hamster. Guinea pigs require a larger amount of space, and if you have more than one, you'll probably hafta build a cage. I have 3 piggies and they have a customized 14sq ft cage (2 level C&C cage). Their food is also a lil more expensive and it wont last long, especially if you put the food in a dish on the cage floor as they will sit in the dish and go to the potty in it too. So you hafta clean the bowl out daily and put fresh food in. Plus they need some sort of hay and vitamin supplements to get their vitamin c. Hamsters really only need a lil space ( Bandit has a 20 gal aquarium) food, which is cheaper and last longer, bedding (pine bedding is the softest I've found for under $5 for a whole bunch), a hidey house, and some wood chews to keep his teeth in check. Pigs need those too, but bigger means it costs a lil more, plus they need aspen shavings, because pine has phenols which are dangerous to a piggy's respiratory system. So it's a matter of how much time, money,and space you have. Both are enjoyable pets, and never fail to make me PS sorry for my novel...But no matter what you decide, if you have any questions regarding the care of your furry friend(s) feel free to email me at

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Q: What is a better pet to have a hamster or a ginie -pig?
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Does a hamster or a guinea pig make a better pet for an 8 year old?


Does a hamster or guinea pig make a better pet?

A hamster tbh :D x

Does a guinea pig or hamster make a better pet?

Most likely a guinea pig.

What is a better pet and easier to care for a Guinea Pig a Hamster or a gerbil?

i had a guinea pig and it was easy to take care of and it was a great pet

Which is better hamster or a guinea pig?

Well I have 2 hamsters and 3 guinea pigs and well if you rather a little little pet try a hamster if you rather a little pet try a guinea pig but there are differences between them

Can you milk a ginie pig?

No and never try to milk a guinea pig.

What is guinea pig?

a small pet similar to hamster

Does a hamster or guinea pig make a better pet for a 11-year-old?

a guinea pig they are more fun to play with for this age and live longer

Whats better a hamster or a guinea pig?

a hamster and a guinea pig are same standards play better and thing in my opinion a hamster is a better one to play with depending on your age

What does a guinea pig and a hamster eat?

they eat pet food at stores or a pet store

Does a hamster or a guinea pig make a better pet for a 11-year-old?

depends on how gentle he /she is. if he or she is not gentle a hamster might not be the best pet since they are extremely fragile if he/she is, a hamster is a great pet. guinea pigs not that fragile so if who you are getting it for is not careful this one is the best option.

What is the best pet to get for a preteen?

fish, hamster, guinea pig, or rabbit

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