What is a pomerian?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i think it is called pomeranian and this sie might help you.

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Q: What is a pomerian?
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Is the Bloodhound a good breed for inexperienced dog owners to own?

No, you can keep labrador or pomerian,etc.

Does Demi Lovato have any dogs?

yes, Demi has a pomerian puppy, forgot his name though its a she and her name is bellayes she has two Yorkie's

What is the worlds hairiest dogs?

komondor Puli afghan hound OLD english sheepdog lhasa apso are the hairiest dogs

What is the difference between a dashund and a pomerian?

Well Pomeranians are ' Poofier' than the Dashund even in the Long Haired Dashund . The two Dogs are two different Breeds . They have different structures . Those are only a few differences .

Will a pomeranian and a lhasa apso get along in same house hold?

The answer is maybe because they are the same quantities but the pomerian is an hyper dog that can make you get up so with lhasa apso but lhasa apso gonna bark if she/he heard something bad but maybe

What are the symptoms of epilepsy in Pomeranians?

Epilepsy is a catch-all "diagnosis" that is defined by the primary problem: recurrent seizures of unknown source. Therefore, what you would see in a Pomerian is multiple seizures (possible muscle spasms, falling over, convulsions, inability to walk or eat/drink normally, unresponsiveness, etc). Your veterinarian will perform a workup including looking for trauma to the brain and skull, looking for signs of infection in or around the brain and looking for other causes of seizures such as electrolyte imbalances. If none of these are found and your Pomerian has more than one of these seizures, your veterinarian is likely to diagnose epilepsy and start treatment. The treatment will be required for the rest of the dog's life and will not prevent all seizures.

How many teeth does a pomerian dog have?

42. I believe every dog except the Chow Chow (44 teeth) should posess a set of 42 unless they're missing some.

How large would a Pomeranian Pom Poo mix puppy get?

My yorkie-poo is ten mos. old ten inches high at shoulder and weighs sixteen lbs. He looks to be all york ,coal black, however he has longer legs than an adult yorkie. It is my understanding that the mix will vary in size favoring one breed or the other. Mine's lookin' to favor tall and trim. In other words your dog will be sized between standard yorkie and standard poodle. Does this help?

What country do pomeranians come from?

The Pomeranian breed comes from Central Europe. The breed is descended from larger spitz dogs, specifically the German spitz.

Are there any small dogs that are easy to take care of?

Try to find on this site They have many qualified pet toys, you can subscribe their newsletter first for an updated new comer product. I bought twice from them and it's so very though quality pet toys.

Are pekingese dogs good with kids?

Yes I have had a female pekingese and I have one right now. They love play with children chase them, play with children. They love to be cuddled by children or anybody who will give them attention. They have to be raised with children though if you are going to get one i would make sure you get a puppy so it can adapt to your family as every family is different. We have four children so we have a very busy household.