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Third trophic level

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Q: What level on the energy pyramid would a frog be placed on?
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Where would a Venus flytrap be placed on a trophic level pyramid?

secondary consumer

How would a pyramid reflecting biomass be similar to or different from an energy pyramid?

A biomass pyramid looks like an energy pyramid, in that the largest biomass is contained in the producer level, and the least biomass is contained in the level of the highest order consumer. Basically, as you move up the energy pyramid, there is less energy available to support the biomass at each subsequent level.

Which type of energy would be found on the lowest level of an energy pyramid?


What would be located at the bottom of an energy pyramid found in the ocean?

In an energy pyramid, algae would be the substance found at the bottom trophic level. Algae are eukaryotic organisms, and can be unicellular or multicellular.

Where is the least energy found in the energy pyramid?

The last level of the energy pyramid...secondary,tertiary...

Which organism receives the most energy on the pyramid of energy?

The energy pyramid is a way of gaining a conceptual understanding of energy flow in an ecosystem. There isn't really any animal at the top of the pyramid. Ultimately, the biggest animals die and are consumed by detritivores that would "normally" be placed at the bottom of the pyramid. So it's really a cycle.

What level do you place an elephant in an energy pyramid?

It would depend on your labeling, but it goes right above the producers. I would call it a first level consumer.

Would you find a turkey at the bottom or top of an energy pyramid?

Neither at the bottom nor at the top.

Does the amount of energy available to each organism in a food chain depends on its position on an energy pyramid?

It's yes. Each level in the pyramid has only ten percent of the level beneath it, so there is less energy transfer as you go up the pyramid. So if at the base, the available energy is 10000 the next step up would have an available energy of 1000, and the next step 100 etc.

What category would a mouse fall into on the energy pyramid?

He would fall into the rat pyramid .(;

Would green algae be found at the top of an energy pyramid?

No, autotrophic producers are always at the bottom of an energy pyramid.

What is one thing that would have been placed in a pyramid?

gold and jewels