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First of all, the Cambrian Explosion is designated as a huge diversification event taking place between 543 to 506 MYA, when most of the phyla extant (living) today appeared. So the first chordates, shelled organisms and arthropods were seen in the Cambrian period. Therefore, complex bilateria dominated the Cambrian scene.

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Q: What organisms did the Cambrian explosion make?
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After the Cambrian explosion what form of life evolved?

Single celled organisms.

Why did the Cambrian explosion may not have been an explosion?

The Cambrian Explosion wasn't a literal explosion. Instead, it was a span of time when organisms evolved into an immense number of new forms, and biodiversity increased greatly, reaching its modern level. The Cambrian Explosion occurred between 530 and 450 million years ago.

What is meant by term Cambrian explosion?

The Cambrian explosion is an apparently sudden increase in fossils marking the separation between Precambrian rocks and Cambrian rocks. At one time this was believed to mark the beginning of multicellular life, but in fact it only marks the evolution of hard body parts (most of which were made of calcium carbonate). It turns out that there were as many multicellular organisms in the late Precambrian as there were during the Cambrian explosion at the beginning of the Cambrian, but the lack of hard body parts in those organisms made the formation of easy to identify fossils of those organisms much rarer.

What is the Cambrian explosion why is it important to the history of life on earth?

During the Cambrian Explosion. life took a great step forward to a world called life. A great number of organisms were evolving all over the world.

What era did the Ediacaran Fauna Live?

The Ediacarian fauna are from the Cambrian Explosion. The Cambrian Explosion occurred in the Cambrian period. The Cambrian period was part of the Paleozoic era.

Explosion of life what period?


Where can you see the evidence of the Cambrian explosion in the world?

Any time you see an animal. The Cambrian explosion was when the different kinds of animals developed - all the different animal phylums. So if you see an insect on a mammal you see the Cambrian explosion.

Was the Cambrian explosion a volcanic eruption?


What happened during an event called Cambrian Explosion?

The sudden increase in invertebrate fossil diversity

The Cambrian explosion resulted in the evolution of the first?

land animals

What is the cambrain explosion?

life during the early Cambrian period

What what is the Cambrian explosion?

The sudden increase in invertebrate fossil diversity