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Colts(male horses) are supposed to be able to breed from as young as eight months and fillies from around 12 or 18 months

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Q: When can male horses breed?
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How tall is a male horse?

It depends on the breed. Male horses are not always bigger than females.

What is a male horse called used to breed females horses?

A Stallion.

What does the term gelding mean for horses?

A male horse who cannot breed

Do female horses eat more than male horses?

maybe probably not It depends on the breed and size.

How do you breed horses in pet horse club?

The male horse takes his olo and sticks it in the other horses (|)

What is a male horses weight?

Horses dont have an average weight by what gender they are, their average weight is determined by their height and breed they are!

What are the gender names of horses?

Mare - female horse Stallion - male horse which can breed Gelding - male horse that cannot breed Colt - young male Filly - young female

Can you breed 2 of you horses together on Howrse?

Yes you can if you give a private covering to yourself from your male.

Are boy horses bigger than girl horses?

yes male horses are sometimes bigger than a female horse. But it also depends on the breed and bloodlines of the horse.

Can a horse and a gelding breed together?

Gelding is a term for a male fixed horse. The only male horse that can breed is a stallion, but colts (male horses under 3-4) can grow up to be stallions

Do sea horses breed?

Uh, if they didn't breed, how are they supposed to have more sea horses? Yes, sea horses breed.

How do you breed your two horses on howrse?

You have to send a private covering form your male to the female. -Kатнячп•Fυııэя

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