Where do poachers poach?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Poaching is an illegal activity, so it happens pretty much anywhere that valuable animals are not sufficiently protected through national law. Currently much of the poaching reported on in the United States happens in Africa (think elephants and rhinos for ivory), but there is significant poaching also happening in the South Pacific islands like Indonesia and the Phillipines and in the Amazonian rainforest of South America.

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poachers poach places where its nice and quiet and where there are animals to poach

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Most poaching takes place in Africa.

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Q: Where do poachers poach?
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Do poachers poach with a gun?

yes poachers poach with a gun how else will they <><><> Poachers have also used snares, traps, bow & arrows, and spears.

How much are poachers fined?

it depends on what they poach

Who kills the most animals poachers or hunters?

poachers because poachers are more determined and are partly doing for the lives of some dying people because poachers poach cheetahs for their bones which have a liquid in them which you can make into medicine.

What are the measures taken to preserve species of black rhinos?

There are a number of way to prevent poaching, educating people about rhinos, dehorning the animals, ensuring that there are more trained personnel to handle poachers, and stricter punishments in place for those that do poach.

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