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If your pet shop doesn't stock sea monkey kits and you really want one Google it and get one off the internet.

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Q: Where in Glasgow can you buy sea monkeys?
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Where can you buy sea monkeys on Mars?

Your a dumb a$$ why do you need sea monkeys and why from mars

Where do you buy sea monkeys in Sydney from?


Where can you buy see monkeys?

it's spelled sea monkeys and you can buy them at some pet stores and toy stores.

What will you feed the sea monkeys when their food is gone?

You go back to the place where you got the sea monkeys from and buy more food for them.

Are monkeys from Glasgow?

no fergus's maw is

How much is money is a sea monkey?

you can buy sea monkeys at wal-mart for $7.00

Where can you buy sea monkeys in Melbourne?

Toys'R'Us or Toyworld. (: ----------- Sea Monkeys are just brine shrimp. Do NOT buy them from a toy shop. Shops like those always grossly overprice them. They charge you $20 for about 10 "sea monkeys" when you can buy something like 20 for $3 at any old aquarium... fish... store.

How do you get a sea monkeys?

You have to buy them. Not from a pet store but you can get them cheap in a toy store!

Where can you buy accescories for your sea monkeys?

any pets shop you can just buy fish tank accessories and put them in your sea monkey tank.

Can you buy sea monkeys the animal at ocean state job lot?

it depends on which ocean state jolb lot you go to some do the one i go to has sea monkeys

Where can you buy sea monkeys in CT?

A lot of toy stores sell sea monkeys (aka: Brine Shrimp). But if all else fails, they can be found online, and are cheap.

Can you still buy sea monkeys?

Hi Yes you still can buy them! Ebay and other online shops such as Amazon can be selling them. Also Toys R Us And Big W Sell Them. You Can Also Buy Them Direct From The Sea Monkeys Official Website. Hopes This Helps!