Which come first egg or hen?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The egg, of course.

The first time that the collection of genetic mutations came together to create what we would call a chicken happened when that first egg was fertilized.

Before that egg was laid, there was a creature, let's call it a "proto-chicken," the genetic precursor of our modern chicken. This is similar to human ancestry, with modern humans branching off from the Neanderthal (who eventually died off, leaving only us humans).

So, there was a male and a female proto-chicken, one or both of which likely having some beneficial genetic mutations, got together to lay and fertilize the first batch of chickens as we know them today. So, the first chicken was in fact an egg, being born of non-chicken parents.

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Firstly the hen came and the hen come from the god

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Q: Which come first egg or hen?
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Which will come first egg or hen?


What has come first EGG OR HEN?

of coase a hen because god created a hen first then it started producing its young ones..

What did first come hen or an egg?

the egg comes first they had to evolve from reptiles

Does an egg come first or an chicken?

The chicken. Without the hen, the egg could not be formed nor laid. Therefore, the hen must come first.

Who come first a hen or a egg and how?

The hen came first - the formation of egg shells relies on protein found only in a hen's ovaries. Therefore an egg can only exist if it has been inside a hen.

Who come before hen or egg?

who will belive god then he can belien hen comes first,the person who will not belive god he thinks egg comes from hen

Does egg come from hen or hen comes from egg?


Would Eggs come first or hen comes first?

Clearly the egg came before the chicken. Inverts, fish, amphibians and dinosaurs were laying eggs long before the first hen existed. And the first hen certainly came from an egg. But, did it come from a "chicken" egg? But i ate the egg Well, that is one theory but who said the hen originally came from an egg? maybe a cross-breed situation occured between two mammals and they gave birth to a hen of somesort then the hen laid an egg. but once again what about the male?

Who cam first hen or its egg?

The hen goes first because the hen lays the egg.

When was First Hen Egg created?

First Hen Egg was created in 1885.

On the world first hen came or hen's egg?

The hen's egg came first because other animals layed the egg!!!!

Does a egg come first or hen?

If you believe the story of Noah, then the chicken came first.