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Even if a rabbit is spayed (or neutered), he or she may still build a nest and such things because of their natural instincts. This does not necessarily mean that the neutering was unsuccessful.

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to sleep in. it is instinct.

It's called false nesting. Sometimes rabbits go through a false pregnancy stage, even when they're not pregnant.

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Q: Why is a spayed female rabbit building a nest?
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What sex of rabbit makes the nest?

that will always be the female that is pregnant with her kits

Why is your rabbit dragging its bedding about?

This could be your bunny making a nest! When a rabbit is making a nest you will often see her running about with a mouthful of bedding, or dragging bedding from one section of the cage/room to another. If she is not pregnant, she may be having a phantom pregnancy... Now is the time to have her spayed! Sometimes rabbits will just choose to rearrange their homes, even male rabbits will occasionally do this.

Why do rabbits pull out fur if they aren't pregnant?

This sort of behavior can have many reasons, such as:Boredom - give your rabbit plenty of hay, toys, play structures, and diversions to keep entertained!Stress - stress leads to a low quality of life and even illness, so you should do what you can to minimise stress in your rabbit's life.False pregnancy (if your female rabbit isn't spayed) - consider spaying your rabbit, because false pregnancies are stressful for bunnies, and stress leads to a low quality of life; and for many other reasons, spay/neuter is recommended for rabbits!Parasites or another skin problem, i.e. such as mites or fleas, or another skin problem - bring your rabbit to a vet with experience and knowledge in rabbits because many cat/dog treatments for parasites are toxic for rabbits.See the related questions and links below for more details!Other AnswersSome rabbits do this. In a few days if the bunny is not pregnant, it will give up the idea.

How do cardinals build their nest?

Usually,Cardinals make their nest with shurbs,sticks,bushes,and leaves.

When will an expectant rabbit begin to build her nest?

The rabbit normally builds her nest about 2-3 days before her kits are due to be born.

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Why do your female rabbits bite fur off of the others back?

I'm sure this has something to do with building a nest. My female rabbit used to pull most of her fur of her back to make a nest when she had phantom pregnancies. It may be that this is what your rabbit is doing.

Do you need to put the female rabbit and male rabbit in different cages if the female has started pulling out her fur and looks to be building a nest?

well i dont know about the pulling her hair out, but if she's making a nest then its more likely she is making it so she can have a litter of kits/bunnies.

Why does your rabbit pull the straw about his hutch?

My guess would be it is a female rabbit. But, if not perhaps he doesn't like where you have put his straw or he is bored. A female rabbit will do this when she builds her nest.

What sex of rabbit makes the nest?

that will always be the female that is pregnant with her kits

Your rabbit is making a nest out of fur is she pregnant?

Not always The female rabbit could be having a pretend pregnancy or the rabbit might be cold

If your female pet rabbit not pregnant is building a nest should you leave the nest alone in the hutch or remove it within a certain time period?

Sort of your preference, If you are sure she is not pregnant it is probably a sign she wants to be bred. Leaving her nest will not hurt a thing unless she is using it for a potty.

How can you tell when your rabbit is pregnant -- do they get fat?

Only very experienced rabbit handlers can gently palpitate the rabbit's abdomen to feel the little baby rabbits. If you do not know what you are doing, you could hurt the mother and kill the babies by doing this. If you think your female rabbit might be pregnant, provide it with a nest box so it can start building a nest. A few days before she is ready to deliver, she will start pulling out her own fur and padding the box with hay. Be aware however, that some female rabbits have 'false pregnancies' and may start to build a nest even though they are not pregnant.

Nests are rabbit holes that are...?

A wild doe(female rabbit) will make her nest inside a hole underground. Where her kits are warm and safe.

Why would a female rabbit pluck a male rabbit's fur out?

They pluck their hair out because they use it to make a nest for the new born bunnies.

Your female rabbit is been pruned by a male rabbit and is going bald?

Does that mean mated? If so then she is making a warm nest for her babies on the way

Why rabbit taking hay and putting it in the top department off her hutch?

Sounds like she is building a nest to me.

Are rabbit nests made for baby rabbits?

A male rabbit would not make the actual nest for the female but he would be very happy for his fur to be pulled out for the babies to have a comfortable nest. Any rabbit in the pen wouldn't mind the mother rabbit pulling there fur out for a nest because rabbits LOVE to be respected.