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ummm-no. cars/motorcycles...etc nope.
3 day rights of recision apply to:
1)when you are doing a primary home mortgage -and there are certain exclusions-you should ask what the rights of recision are before signing.
2)when someone comes to your home to sell you something - ie door to door Kirby guy.
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Is their a 3 day right of recision in Tennessee in auto buying?

To my knowledge, "The right to recision" only exists (with a car dealer) if you were to complete your purchase off-sight, that is not on the automobile dealership's property.

Is there 3 day right of rescission law in Minnesota regarding used cars?

Unfortunately, no. There is a 3 day rescission period for home loans but apparently not for cars (which doesn't seem to make sense as it is the second biggest ticket item mo

Is there a 3 day right of rescission for car purchases in CA?

NO. If you are asking can you return the car for a refund under the buyer's remorse law the answer is No. The buyer's remorse law only applies to unsolicited sales and not to

Is there a 3 day right of rescission for new car purchases in PA?

There is no right of recession on a car purchase. Right of recession applies to unsolicited sales and because you go to the dealership of your on accord a car purchase is not

Does the 3 day right of rescission rule apply to timeshare agreement?

YES! As a matter of Fact the rescission period in most of the cases is 5 to 10 days These days, almost all states or countries have this law of rescission period for times

Is there a 3 day right of recission used car purchase Indiana?

In most states there is none, if there is it would be on your contract. Most contracts would have the words "No cooling off " expressed on them. There is a loophole that may

Does 3 day right of recission apply to vacation rentals?

YES! I called the NJ Real Estate Commission and found out you have 3 business days after the lease is signed by both owner and tenant, before it becomes enforceable. The lease