3 Day right of recision?

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ummm-no. cars/motorcycles...etc nope.
3 day rights of recision apply to:
1)when you are doing a primary home mortgage -and there are certain exclusions-you should ask what the rights of recision are before signing.
2)when someone comes to your home to sell you something - ie door to door Kirby guy.
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Is their a 3 day right of recision in Tennessee in auto buying?

To my knowledge, "The right to recision" only exists (with a car dealer) if you were to complete your purchase off-sight, that is not on the automobile dealership's property.

Does 3 day right of recission apply to vacation rentals?

YES! I called the NJ Real Estate Commission and found out you have 3 business days after the lease is signed by both owner and tenant, before it becomes enforceable. The lease

Does the three day right of recision apply to smc phone salespersons?

\nIt applies to unsolicited sales. Not the sale of vehicles, but to an unsolicited sale that you did not initiate.