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ummm-no. cars/motorcycles...etc nope.
3 day rights of recision apply to:
1)when you are doing a primary home mortgage -and there are certain exclusions-you should ask what the rights of recision are before signing.
2)when someone comes to your home to sell you something - ie door to door Kirby guy.
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Is there 3 day right of rescission law in Minnesota regarding used cars?

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Is there a 3 day right of rescission for car purchases in CA?

NO. If you are asking can you return the car for a refund under the buyer's remorse law the answer is No. The buyer's remorse law only applies to unsolicited sales and not to

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Is there a 3 day right of rescission after a seller signs a listing contract to sell real estate in the state of Colorado?

There's a good chance you can't cancel the contract except in cases of fraud, nondisclosure, misrepresentation or where specific contingency clauses were not met that you had

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