About how many Muslims kill Muslims world wide?

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Here the number is very,very high indeed . You can see it in Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.
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How many Muslim name the world?

There are many Muslim names in the world, the most popular being Muhammed (because muhammed was our last messenger) and also it is the most popular name in the world out of an

How many Shia Muslims in the world?

The Shia are estimated to account for 10 to 15% of the total Muslim population, which puts their numbers at 165 to 190 million world wide.

How many Muslims are shiiah in the world?

Muslims in world are near 80% sunni and near 20% shia. researchers have counted up to 260 sect for Islam that they all belong to categories Sunni and shia. the main category o

How many people were killed by Muslims?

Prophet Mohammed lead 27 wars and by his follower (leader was no Prophet Mohammed) he lead 54 wars.Out of which 759 non-muslims combatant were killed. In these 81 wars

About how many Muslims kill Muslims a year world wide?

There is only Muslim on Muslim violence in Pakistan maybe Iraq, however tensions in Irag are gradually beginning to subside between both Shia and Sunni militants. Although

How many Muslims are there in the world 2010?

In 2009 there were 1.57 billion Muslims world wide. That number should significantly rise in the coming years due to the fact that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the

How many Christians and Muslims are there in the world?

There are approximately 2 million Christians (one million Catholics and one million Protestants of varying sects), plus 1 million Muslims. Thus, the total would be 3 million,

What does the city name Cordoba invoke in the hearts of many faithful Muslims world wide?

Cordoba invokes a great deal of pride in the hearts of Muslims. During the dark ages while the rest of Europe lived like barbarians in ignorance the Islamic Umah [Islamic or M
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How many Muslim were killed in Karbala?

72 The so called Umayyad King, Yazid came to power. With his evil intentions he wanted to destroy Islam. He began to turn right to false and false to right. Slowly he was