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Here the number is very,very high indeed . You can see it in Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.
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How many Muslims are there in the world?

As of October 2009, there are about 1.57 billionMuslims of all ages living in the world today (in morethan 200 countries of the world). This represents 23% of anestimated 20

How many Muslim missionaries in the world?

There are no formal Muslim missionaries assigned by the Mosque or the Muslim leaders as in Christianity. However, there are some Muslim leaders who can be referred to, on indi

How many Muslim countries are in the world?

Muslims are in every country some countries Muslims are a majority some countries Muslims are a minority. With the exception of India, Ethiopia, China and Russia the majority

How many Muslims are around the world?

They are around 1600 million Muslims, as of October 2009 per Pew Forum study.

How many Muslims were killed by Narendra Modi?

It is very unfortunate to ask question like this. Recently, when he has been afflicted with swine flu, Muslims conducted special namaz for his speedy recovery. He always speak

How many Muslims populate the world?

1.7 Billion Muslims as of 2011 Studies show that the Muslim population will more than double in the next 20 years.

How many Shia Muslims in the world?

The Shia are estimated to account for 10 to 15% of the total Muslim population, which puts their numbers at 165 to 190 million world wide.

How many non muslims are in the world?

Officially there are 5,600,000,000. Unofficially, there are probably many people who superficially claim to be Muslim, but in their heart or by their actions are not.

How many Muslims were killed in the Nazi Holocaust?

The Nazi Holocaust was designed primarily to target Jews, Gypsies, Political Opponents, Homosexuals, and the Physically and Mentally Handicapped. Whenever Muslims have fit int

How many Muslims are there in the world 2013?

Answer 1 Muslim population in year 2013 is around 2000.6 million Muslims (28.26% of world population). Refer to link below.    Answer 2 The Pew World Forum sticks to the