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After purchasing a starter kit with your pool what if anything do you need to do to keep the pool clean or keep it in good shape?

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Just follow the instruction scoop up the leaves etc and take a sample of water into the pool shop once in a while to make sure you have the water balance right.
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How can you keep snakes away from your pool?

  Answer   there is no simple solution or a quick fix. If you have a enclosure around your pool like a cage( this is a Florida term) for lania and patio with screenin

What is the best way to keep a blow up pool clean?

  When purchasing a blow up pool it is advantageous to also purchase a pump and filter that will handle the amount of water you have in the pool. A 3/4 H.P. pump and 150 p

How does salt keep a pool clean?

Salt is used in conjunction with a chlorine generator in pools to create sanatizer. The salt (sodium chloride) is changed temporarilly to chlorine by the electrical charge in

What are the most popular methods of keeping outdoor pools clean?

I would suggest you the following steps for that: Check pool chemistry 2-3 times per week during the summer and once per week in the winter.Clean out skimmer basket(s) weekly

How do you keep a swimming pool clean?

Pools are usually sanitized with chlorine which kills bacteria and other pathogens. ready made stabilized chlorine products are available to do this. If you have a salt water

How can you keep a kiddie pool clean for longer?

Kiddie Pools should be emptied and refilled for each use. There are two reasons: (1) It is not filtered or treated with chemicals, so it is very unsanitary (you know kids are

What is the best pool pump that will keep cost down and pool extra clean and a good price?

  Instead of spending a fortune on a pump that may or may not keep your pool clear of leaves, etc., I suggest that you try what I have found. It is called the Leafanator,

Eco friendly pool sanitation can a ozone system keep our pool clean?

Ozone for pool sanitization is most cost effective (including consumption of electrical power, some of which is still fossil fuel derived) when it is used to "reactivate" the

How do you keep pool clean?

It is a bit complicated to answer here. The three keys to healthy water are sanitization (usually chlorine), circulation (a good pump, jets, etc) and filtration (filter cartri

Is it good to keep a pool heater on all the time or turn the heater on when needed?

In order to reduce electricity consumption (and potentially reduce electricity expenses) it is advisable to turn off pool-heaters until the time at which the pool is to be use