An indivivdual assuming the role of the Deputy Incident Commander must?

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The role of the Deputy Incident Commander?

The primary reason to have a Deputy IC is to perform IC functions as relief for the IC, perhaps as preparation for becoming IC in the next operational period. The Deputy IC

An individual assuming the role of deputy incident commander must do what?

Deputy Incident Commanders must be qualified as Incident Commanders and are appointed by the Incident Commander. They must be able to perform all functions of the Incident Com

In the incident command system who initially assumes the role of incident commander?

The person who initially assumes the role of incident commander in the incident command system is the first responder on scene (e.g. police, fire, or other official). The f

What is the role of the incident commander in the national incident command system?

The Incident commander has overall management of all aspects of a specific incident, especially where there is no overlap with other jurisdictions or other functional agencies
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Can an Incident Commander have a deputy?

Incident Commander may have a Deputy IC . Section Chief may have a Deputy Chief . Branch Director may have a Deputy Director Other ICS positions may have "assistants",