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Andreas hat eine pikante Frage über dich beantwortet?

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Andreas hat eine pikante Frage über Dich beantwortet translates as Andreas answered a risqué/saucy/embarrassing question about you.
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What does Verpiss Dich mean?

It means p*ss off

What does dich mean?

Dich is the accusative form of you.

What can you do with an ein?

  Well from I know, you can open a business bank account, you can use it to get discounts on all types of things. One time I called Pep Boys and asked how much for two t

How do you pronounce ich hasse dich?

Ich hasse dich means I hate you in English. Pronunciation: ich - try saying ish while grinning broadly, that should come close hasse - hass-e, with the 'a' pronounced li

What does ' gruss dich' mean?

its the improper(meaning used only to friends) southern German saying for hi

Wie viele Ecken hat ein Viereck?

Vier. The translation of this question is "How many corners does a rectangle have?"

How do you pronounce ich vermisse dich?

In German ch is pronounced as in the Scottish word loch but as most English speakers have diifculty making this sound, the closest similar sound is sh: ish fairmissa dish