Are berries on asparagus ferns poisonous to humans or animals?

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Are holly berries or holly poisonous to humans?

Holly berries are in fact poisonous to humans but not animals. Holly however is not poisonous but will not be very nice to eat! If you do so happen to eat holly berries tell s

Does the grasshopper eat the asparagus fern?

Yes, they devoured mine along with everything else in yard, and the wild asparagus growing in my fields near the house. They even ate the horseradish. Out of control, I'm hopi

Will a poison oak-like rash from touching asparagus fern go away or do stickers need to be removed?

Contact with berries, branchlets or spines can cause poison oak-like rash after touching asparagus fern so it is possible that stickers may or may not need to be removed.

What will kill asparagus ferns?

Glyphosate will kill asparagus ferns ( Asparagus aethiopicus , A. densiflorus , A. sprengeri ). Specifically, glyphosate is the active ingredient in Round-Up. A particular

Why isn't asparagus fern a true fern?

They aren't ferns at all! Asparagus "ferns" are actually slightly woody evergreen plants that belong to the order Asparagales (genus Asparagus and Protoasparagus), and are of

When to cut asparagus ferns?

If the asparagus ferns are yellowing after a frost, then you can cut them during your fall cleanup. Here in Georgia, mine stay green unless we have a really bad winter. I d