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Are dominant or recessive traits more likely to occur?

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dominant traits are not always more common or more likely to occur because you could be living on a small island that doesn't get visitors and almost everyone has this recessive trait the recessive trait would be more likely to occur when a baby is born
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Is wavy hair an incomplete dominant trait or a recessive trait like straight hair?

Multiple alleles in human traits Most human traits are controlled by multiple genes, and thus multiple alleles. Simple crosses and dominance relationships learned in an intro

Are dominant traits more likely to be inheritd then recessive traits?

Yes. When looking at Gregor Mendel's laws of inheritance, the Dominant allele will always be inherited by the offspring, as it is more potent than the 'weaker' recessive allel

Is it possible to have a dominant recessive trait?

no, because dominant is different from recessive, its impossible to have a dominant-recessive trait because the dominant is when only one copy of the gene is present, while in

Why are recessive traits more common than dominant?

They're not necessarily, but they can be. When a recessive trait is more common, it likely because it was advantageous to have that trait so the species evolved to have more o

Dominant recessive traits in humans?

1. freckles: dominant no freckles: recessive 2. dark eyes: dominant light eyes: recessive 3. free earlobe:dominant attached earlbe: recessive 4. polydactilism (6 fingers

Dominant trait and recessive trait?

A dominant trait is a genetic trait which may cause a hereditary condition, a recessive trait disappears or goes in the background and only shows in a few generations.

What is meant by dominant and recessive traits?

First of all alleles code for different traits all across an organism. Simply looking at it, a dominant allele is a trait that essentially "dominates" or is expressed over a r
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Why would a recessive trait appear more often than a dominant trait?

A recessive trait would appear more often than a dominant trait for two reasons. First, the dominant trait may be lethal, so that only those individuals with the recessive gen