Are guinea pigs from New Guinea?

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No. They originated in the area of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru in South America.

There are a large number of theories on why they came to be known as "Guinea Pigs", one being that their Latin name gave rise to confusion about them being "pigs" and that "Guinea" may be a European corruption of Guiana.
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What are Guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs (also commonly called cavies after their scientificname -Cavia porcellus meaning pig-like cavy ) arerodents belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.Despite their common name, the animals are not pigs, nor do theycome from Guinea. They are originally native to the Andes, th (MORE)

How can you make your new guinea pig happy and content?

Heaps of food, water, hay and grass. Little guinea treats are good too, you can get them from the pet store. And company. If u dont have another Gpig spend time with it every day. U can even train it on a leash if u want to. Ive done it before. so they can walk around and munch on as much grass as t (MORE)

Where can you get guinea pigs?

Get it from a rescue shelter of some sort if you can! Millions of Piggy's get put to sleep everyday cuz no one wants them! A registered breeder can give you a fantastic pedigree if you show guinea pigs. Do not buy from a pet shop! prices are high. GO TO A SHELTER!

What is the best way to introduce new guinea pig to current guinea?

I had to do this a few months ago. What i did was put the guinea pig i already had in the run on the grass. I then got a washing basket and turned it upside down and put it in the run with the new guinea pig/s underneath it. (hope that makes sence) The washing basket had holess so the guinea pig tha (MORE)

Can you pickup new born guinea pigs?

Yes. You can handle guinea pigs straight from birth. But if you handle them too much the mother might think that their not hers and that she doesn't need to look after them.

Where do you get a guinea pig?

You can normally get a guinea pig from your local pet shop. Ifthere are none there you should look around and try find a breederor search on the internet for people selling them. You can alsocheck,,, for adoptable guinea pigs in your area. (MORE)

What do you feed new born guinea pigs?

You didn't need to worry about a newborn Guinea Pig.Her mother will take care of it.She will feed milk to the baby.The baby also eats leaves,hays,etc. in small amount.Later they eat it more and more,when they get one month old,they starts to eat treats.

Where can you get a guinea pig?

well, i got my guinea pig a pet store. i dont remember what it was called. they didnt have cute guinea pigs but my is so cute. i love him. if i were you i would try walmart or petco or any pet store. guinea pigs arent in pet shelthers. Answer 2 You can certainly find guinea pigs in pet shelters (MORE)

My new Guinea pig won't eat what do I do?

OK, first make sure that if you have other guinea pigs in the run with it that the piggie that isn't eating can get to the food. Sometimes the dominent one can push the other smaller ones out of the way. If it can get to the food and still not eating, take it to the vet. It may be suffering from Ano (MORE)

Tips for a new owner to have guinea pigs?

Treat your guinea pig(s) kindly at all times . Try to hold your pig(s) everyday for at least 1/2 an hour . give your guinea pigs the ability to explore everyday by giving them floor time . always have fresh food and water available to your pig(s) (i.e hay, kibble) . Tell your guinea pig(s) you l (MORE)

Where do you get guinea pigs at?

A pet store. Not a pet store. Go to a shelter. There are lots of guinea pigs in need of a good home. Or you can also search your local paper for people who can no longer care for their piggies and want to give them a good home. Just make sure you do lots of research before adopting one. They needs (MORE)

What do you do for new baby guinea pigs?

As soon as your guinea pig gives birth to another cute little one, it's always safe to just quickly check the baby to make sure it's looking healthy. If it doesn't look right or if it's not breathing properly, take it to the vet as soon as possible and make sure it goes with its mother because the b (MORE)

How big are new born guinea pigs?

It would depend on the size of the litter. If it was a singleton, then 5oz would not be unusual; a litter of 3-4, which is normal would be 3-4oz each. Anything under 2.5oz is unlikely (but not impossible) to survive.

Why is new Guinea Pig so scared?

Normally all new pets are scared when they're brought into a new home. They have to become used to their new environment and their new family. Spending quality time with the guinea pig will help it become more comfortable, and its fears should begin to decrease once its accustomed to its new home.

What can you do with a guinea pig?

You can play with them using pet store toys or toys around the house such as toilet paper tubes. You can teach them tricks like coming when called or running up and down the stairs or enter them in guinea pig shows. Ask a breeder for more info on showing your can also take the piggy out of t (MORE)

Can guinea pigs eat guinea pigs?

They are herbivores. Guineapigs may fight and draw blood but they won't eat each other, not even newborn babies as they are born fully furred.

Can a dominant guinea pig live with a brand new guinea pig?

i did it and the dominant girl went mad i think she would of killed the new babys if my other guinea pig hadnt of steped in so i think a male would of killed them so no dont mixe them unless the dominant guinea is old as in 3 or over BUT i dont think its a good idear at eany age Overall No i dont (MORE)

Why are guinea pigs named guinea pigs?

Actually Guinea Pigs do NOT come from New Guinea but might have been called Guinea because they may have cost 1 guinea during about the time of Queen Elizabeth (who actually owned several pet guinea pigs.) Which was about $1.80 a lot of money back then. They are THOUGHT to have been called pig becau (MORE)

Where do you get guinea pigs from?

You can get them from any pet store really if you have a petco,petsmart,kennel shop near you those are very good stores.I got mine from kennel shop and i have no complants i love my guinea pigs i have 2 and they are boys.

How do you get out your guinea pig?

Well, you get it out by petting it for about 5 min. first, then start petting it near the stomach area, just beneath the arms. Slowly pick it up like that, then take it out of it's cage and bring it close to your stomach if you want to hold it. Then put your hand underneath it's bottom so it feels s (MORE)

How can you make your new guinea pig love you?

Well if you want your guinea pig to love you well you should see him everyday to get use to you, Take him out about 2-3 times if less it will get use to being alone and if you do it to much they will scratch and claw at you, and be extra nice to them and if they bite you or anything don't yell or sc (MORE)

When can you hold a new baby guinea pig?

After about a week when you get it because it needs to start to get used to its cage! you need to properly socialize your piggy to anything he might be exposed to as an adult. if you never even look at him as a baby, he'll be afraid of human contact as an adult. (that means biting!)

Will an older guinea pig fight with a new guinea pig?

It depends, if you are going to get a new guinea pig then first you have to put the two guinea pigs in a box together. Watch them very closely. If you see any of them chattering their teeth or rumbling or swaying then they don't like each other and you can't do anything about that. So watch them for (MORE)

What do guinea pigs do in a guinea pig race?

Well if you ever come across someone who has seen/held/witnessed a guinea pig race then how 'bout asking them? If not then just think for yourself. It isn't a tough one to work out.

What does guinea mean in guinea pig?

Guinea is a country in West Africa. However this animal originated in South America. It is possible that the name of Guinea got mixed up with Guiana (which is in South America). Or it is possible that, when the animal was introduced to England or North America someone used the name Guinea because th (MORE)

What is there to no about guinea pigs?

guinea pigs need timothy hay it is more than 75% of everything they eat if you dont get timothy hay it will die in a week. they need timothy hay!!! I have a guinea pig of my own and her name is patches she loves timothy hay. Guinea pigs need carrots, potatoes, lettuce, apples (but without the ski (MORE)

Do people in papua new guinea eat guinea pigs?

No, I can assure you Papua New Guinean's do not eat guinea pigs as they are a domesticated animal. Only a insignificant number of people keep and care for domesticated animals in PNG.

Do you have to dry a new born guinea pig?

no the mom guinea pig will lick and eat the outside of the newborn guinea pig and you will not half to dry it or anything, if you watch a hamster or guinea pig giving birth on youtube or something or any animal you will not half to dry it the mom does all the work. trust me.

Is it ok to introduce a new guinea pig to your old one?

Yes, have them play together every day for 10-15 minutes. I would not recommend having them in the same cage right away. Wait till they can play together without them jumping on each other. If you put them in the same cage watch and make sure they are ok, if not they need more time to play together. (MORE)